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Ball Bearing Swing Gate Hinges BHSQ6
Product Price: $73.49
Ball Bearing Swing Gate Hinges - Hinges are 6" tall with a 2" offset hinge gap. Stainless steel 5/8" dia. pins rated at 600 lbs.
Elite Power Hinge ball bearing hinges for steel swing gate (Pair)
Elite Power Hinge ball bearing hinges for steel swing gate (Pair)
Cold rolled steel, heavy duty hinge
Designed for a minimum 1.5" gate frame
Two 5/8" ball bearings for smooth operation
3/4" solid stainless steel, tempered shaft
Weight capacity per pair: 3000 lb.
Includes one set of hinges for a single gate
Each individual hinge block measures 3" tall x 2.25 wide x 1-1/2 wide
overall height of hinge assembly is 6-3/16" x 3"
The required hinge gap is 3"
Installation Instructions
Elite Power Hinge2 half Aluminum half steel Industrial Gate Hinges (Pair)
half Aluminum half steel  Industrial  Gate Hinges (Pair)
Elite Power Hinge3 ALL Aluminum Industrial Gate Hinges (Pair)
ALL Aluminum Industrial  Gate Hinges (Pair)
Hub lock for CSW 200
Product Price: $28.34
CSW200 Hub Cover Lock -
This device is inserted into hole in top output shaft of the CSW 200 operator.
It locks the stainless steel cover over the hub so people can't access release lever.
Requires you to weld the device into the hub to secure, and drill hole in arm cover.
Note works best with metal arm cover part #Q062
Needle Bearing Swing Gate Hinges
swg600 Ball Bearing Swing Gate Hinges
1-ton capacity
High-grade steel needle bearings
Self-aligning bearing case
1" diameter solid bar attachments
Grease zerk type fitting for lubrication
Uphill Gate Hinges
uphill gate hinges
Steel Hinge Set, For Uphill Swing or Heavy Gates
Handles gate up to one ton in weight per set
For gates that swing uphill and/or for high usage and heavy gates
1/2 thick weldable plates
Bronze bearings
3/4 diameter steel hinge bolt
Up to 15% lift