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B362DIR B362DIR - Digital Watchdog Outdoor Camera

The B362DIR is a high resolution weatherproof bullet camera that offers all the high performance features needed at an affordable price. The B362DIR offers a 3.3 - 12mm varifocal lens with DRC (Dynamic Range Compressor) and Electronic Day/Night Mode with a Color Removal Circuit. It also offers 540 TVL for high quality high resolution imagery.

Product Price: $204.74
CVC5835DNV Speco CVC5835DNV Intense-IR Weather Resistant

Speco CVC5835DNV
Intense-IR Weather Resistant Color Day/Night Vandal Dome Camera, AI 2.8-12 mm Lens

Product Price: $272.99
vmax8500G Digital Watchdog vmax 8500G DVR

DW-VMAX 8channel  - Stand Alone DVr with 500 gig harddrive
Can use with smart phones to view cameras over network online.

Product Price: $1,085.70
Digital Watchdog VMAX Flex DW-VF8500G DVR Digital Watchdog VMAX Flex DW-VF8500G DVR

The VMAX is the most advanced H.264 embedded digital video recorder ever created. The VMAXFlex is a replicate of our Maximum Value, Maximum Performance VMAX480 without the front panel buttons for a more flexible cost. The VMAXFlex is available in an 8 channel configuration with basic storage from 500 gigabytes to 4 terabytes. It has ll the functions of the VMAX480 and can easily be controlled with your included USB mouse or IR Remote Control.

Product Price: $817.95
Sav9D Sav9D DC CCTV Power Supply

Sav9D provides 12VDC distributed via nine (9) PTC protected outputs for powering surveillance cameras.

Product Price: $102.38
Honeywell iPCAM-KT Honeywell iPCAM-KT

Wireless Portable IP camera kit by Honeywell

Product Price: $314.99

Security Cameras & DVR Recorders

If you have a property, you’re likely concerned about protecting it from potential theft. In the past, it was more difficult to monitor your property. However, nowadays, modern technology has made it easier than ever to have security cameras and DVR recorders set up to monitor the activities that go on around your home. There are numerous types of these units, so if you’re serious about wanting to protect your property from potential theft, you might want to consider installing security cameras and DVR recorders up around your home. There are a variety of benefits to doing so as well. Even if a potential burglar does burglarize your home, if you had the appropriate cameras and recorders installed, it makes catching him or her that much easier. Then, you’ll have actual proof that your home was burglarized, and you might even have a clear enough picture of the burglar to make finding him or her easier. A camera and recorder can certainly assist in proving that a burglary did, indeed, take place, and it can also assist in the prosecution of that individual as well. It might even capture on video what items were stolen so that law enforcement officers have a clearer picture of the items that they’re looking to recover for you as well. There are numerous types of cameras and recorders that you can get installed, some of which have more features on them than others. For instance, you might only desire video surveillance cameras, or you might want cameras that also feature audio recording on them. Some cameras might have additional features, like greater ranges. You might require a camera with a greater range if you have a larger property area. Generally, the more features you require on your camera, the more you can expect your camera to cost. However, no matter what your budget, we have plenty of cameras and recorders in our inventory to accommodate your needs. Simply tell us what you’d like to spend and what your requirements are, and we’ll help pair you up with a device that suits your needs.