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You are here: Home > Select Products > Parts > Garage Door Opener Parts (Residential) > LiftMaster > Liftmaster Chain Drive models 2245, 2255, 3245, 3255
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01-31D380 Sprocket cover
Product Price: $2.99

Sprocket cover
02-41C4220A Gear & sprocket assembly aka 41a2827
Product Price: $30.44

Gear & sprocket assembly.Complete with: shaft, sprocket spring washer, thrust washer, retaining ring, bearing plate, roll pins (2), drive gear & worm gear, helical gear w/retainer & grease
for units from 1993 to present
41c4220 Installation Instructions (click here)

41c4220 Installation video click here
03-41A2817 gear kit
Product Price: $20.98

Liftmaster replacement gear kit Used in ALL Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Sears Openers. kit includes Drive gear, Worm gear, grease, roll pins, bushings
41A2817 Installation Instructions (click here)

41A2817 Instructional Video click here
04-41B4245 Line cord 4'
Product Price: $6.21
Line cord
05-41A5484-1 End panel w/all labels
Product Price: $15.22

End panel w/all labels
06-4A1344 light socket
Product Price: $10.49

Light socket
07-108D79 lens
Product Price: $15.74

Garage door light Lens
08-30B387 Capacitor - 1/3 HP (now 03B0363) **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**
Product Price: $20.50
Capacitor - 1/3 HP **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**
08-30B532 Capacitor
Product Price: $16.59
Capacitor - 1/2 HP
09-12A373 Capacitor bracket
Product Price: $2.11
Capacitor bracket
10-41A3150 Terminal block with screws
Product Price: $4.25
41a3150 Terminal block w/screws
12-41A5525-1 Cover
Product Price: $27.51
13-41A2818 Limit switch drive & retainer
Product Price: $5.53

Limit switch drive & retainer
14-41D3452 Limit switch assembly
Product Price: $24.22

Limit switch assembly
15-41A2822-1 Interrupter cup
Product Price: $7.18

Interrupter cup
16-41C4398A rpm sensor assy
RPM sensor
17-41A5483-1 Receiver logic board assembly for 2245 & 2255
Product Price: $63.15

Receiver logic board assembly for 2245 & 2255, PD210, PD212, 7320 (390 MHz)
no light socket on panel
17-41AC050-1 Receiver logic board assembly
Product Price: $64.47

Receiver logic board assembly for 3245 & 3255, PD210D, PD212D, HD200D (315 MHz)
18-41C5497 High voltage wire harness
Product Price: $5.44

High voltage wire harness
18A-41C5498 Low voltage wire harness
Product Price: $4.25

Low voltage wire harness
19-41D180-1 End panel
Product Price: $13.70
End panel
41A2770-6 Installation Hardware kit for openers
Product Price: $9.69
Liftmaster 41A2770-6 Installation Hardware kit
Hardware kit for garage door openers which includes bolts for 41a5034 eyes, release cord and handle,grease,staples arm bolts etc
see photo
41B873 Liftmaster I.R. Bracket Sunblocker
Product Price: $6.81
Liftmaster 41B873 I.R. Bracket Sunblocker
Liftmaster 41B873 I.R. Bracket Sunblocker
Liftmaster 8165 1/2 HP AC Chain Drive Garage Door Opener for 7-10ft doors
Liftmaster 8165
Liftmaster 8165 myq garage door opener 1/2 hp for 7-10 ft doors
replaces model 3255
Will work with any residential chain drive rail from 1993 to present
includes 891Lm remote, 882lm wall control,safety sensor eyes
Liftmaster 8165 Installation Manual (click here)
Liftmaster eye kit 41A5034 (used on 1997-current units)
Product Price: $26.33

Liftmaster eye kit 41A5034
Liftmaster Safety Sensors kit (used on 1997-current units)one side has amber led other side has green led units attach to brackets by head of carriage bolt (they do not have a bolt hole through them) units measure appx 2-3/8 " long w/3 feet 2-conductor wire

S1-41A4373A Safety sensor kit used on model from 1993-1997
Product Price: $26.33

Safety sensor kit used on models manufactured from 1993-1997 units now comes with plugs and 3' of wire (for additional wire see 41B4494 ) each unit has a green led, units have a bolt hole that goes completely through the unit. measures appx 3-1/8" tip to tip