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41B4494 07-41B4494 2-Conductor bell wire 26 feet

2-Conductor bell wire appx 26 feet

Product Price: $7.37

41A6104 cable tension monitor 08-41A6104 cable tension monitor

cable tension monitor

Product Price: $25.59

41B6228 09-41B6228 mounting bracket

mounting bracket

Product Price: $5.45

41A5034 10-41A5034 safety sensor kit (used on 1997-current units)

Snappy Sensors kit (used on 1997-current units)one side has amber led other side has green led
units attach to brackets by head of carriage bolt (they do not have a bolt hole through them)
units measure appx 2-3/8 " long w/3 feet 2-conductor wire

Product Price: $27.80

10A19 10A19 battery 3 volt

10A19 battery 3 volt

Product Price: $2.17

41B6299 11-41B6299 collar rjo 3800 [41D8615]

41B6299 collar rjo 3800

Product Price: $32.92

41A6102 12-41A6102 power door lock rjo 3800

power door lock Note: does not include mounting screws 2) 1/4 x 20 1/2" long button head screws are required
For use with Liftmaster 3800,3900, 3950, 8500 operators

** See 841lm for use on 8550w,8587w,8360w openers

Product Price: $77.22
41A5266 sensor mounting bracket 13-41A5266 sensor mounting bracket

Brackets for Snappy Sensors

Product Price: $14.35
Liftmaster Remote Light 380LM 14-380lm-Liftmaster Remote Light 380LM

Additional light for RJO 3800 Openers

List Price: $56.93
Product Price: $50.34

41D96-1 service lens work light  rjo 3800 15-41D96-1 service lens work light rjo 3800

service lens work light

Product Price: $14.19
41A6288 hardware for work light rjo 3800 17-41A6288 hardware for work light

hardware for work light

Product Price: $5.45

41A6298 installation hardware rjo 3800 18-41A6298 installation hardware rjo 3800

installation hardware rjo 3800

Product Price: $10.17
Liftmaster 398LM Control Panel 19-398LM Liftmaster 398LM Control Panel Replaced by 888LM

No Longer available replaced by 888LM

Product Price: $37.74

10a33 22-10a33 battery 3 volt coin cell cr2450

10a33 battery 3 volt coin cell cr2450

Product Price: $4.36
41A4582 rope and handle rjo 24-41A4582 rope and handle rjo

41A4582 rope and handle rjo

Product Price: $5.19
373P Replacement Battery set 373P Replacement Battery set

373P Replacement Battery set
Includes 2) 10A19 batteries and 1) 10A33 Battery

Product Price: $6.54

Mounting bracket for Liftmaster 8500 and 3950 door openers. 3950mb Mounting bracket for 3950 and 8500 openers

Optional Mounting bracket for Liftmaster 8500 and 3950 door openers.

Product Price: $56.66
Liftmaster 41A2770-6 Installation Hardware kit 41A2770-6 Installation Hardware kit for openers

Hardware kit for garage door openers which includes bolts for 41a5034 eyes, release cord and handle,grease,staples arm bolts etc
see photo

Product Price: $10.08
895max Replacement Battery set 895max Replacement Battery set

373P Replacement Battery set
Includes 2) 10A19 batteries

Product Price: $4.35

Liftmaster 8500W Liftmaster 8500W DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Liftmasters 8500W NEW style sectional garage door opener With MyQ Technology,
The 8500W mounts on side of garage door.
Easy to open manually, battery backup option available.
Eliminates the old style overhead openers, great to increase storage area.
Includes unit, remote control,remote light assembly,electric door lock,safety sensor eyes and wall control panel.
Liftmaster 8500 Installation Manual (click here)

Product Price: $496.97
41a6388 collar rjo 3800 Serv Split Coupling [41B6299]

41a6388 Serv Split Coupling

Product Price: $32.93