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Liftmaster Gate Operator Parts
> Swing Gate SW470GL parts
liftmaster SW470GL parts swing gate operator parts Click here to download manual
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01 10-2013 Mounting Bracket
Product Price: $22.11
10-2013  Mounting Bracket
02 10-2103-T Reducer Bracket
Product Price: $25.41
10-2103-T  Reducer Bracket
03 10-2104-T Motor Bracket
Product Price: $32.31
10-2104-T  Motor Bracket
04 10-G0326 Switch Box Cover
Product Price: $1.20
10-G0326  Switch Box Cover
05 10-G0387 Sensor Support Bracket
Product Price: $13.37
10-G0387  Sensor Support Bracket
06 23-3001 On/Off Switch
Product Price: $17.08
23-3001  On/Off Switch
07 K74-18382 Hall Effect Sensor Assembly
Product Price: $37.23
K74-18382  Hall Effect Sensor Assembly
K74-18382  Hall Effect Sensor Assembly
08 76-G0564 Alarm Assembly [K74-18655]
Product Price: $20.18
76-G0564  Alarm Assembly
76-G0564  Alarm Assembly
09 10-18461 Side Cover
Product Price: $30.61
10-18461  Side Cover
10 K001A5566 Control Board, GL
Product Price: $89.23

K001A5566  Control Board, GL
K001A5566  Control Board, GL
11 21-3260-1 Transformer, Dual Voltage 24V
Product Price: $36.68
21-3260-1  Transformer, Dual Voltage 24V
21-3260-1  Transformer, Dual Voltage 24V
12 G232016 Limit Switch N.C. SPST (6A888)
Product Price: $4.19
G232016  Limit Switch
G232016  Limit Switch
13 29-12110 Capacitor for 230V
Product Price: $34.50
29-12110  Capacitor for 230V
29-12110  Capacitor for 230V
13 29-3530 Capacitor for 115V (220-70) [use 29-10338]
Product Price: $14.77
29-3530  Capacitor for 115V
29-3530  Capacitor for 115V
A1 10-2108-T Arm Channel [10-17962]
Product Price: $45.72
10-2108-T  Arm Channel
A2 10-2109 Arm Extension
Product Price: $71.58
10-2109  Arm Extension
A3 10-2111 Gate Bracket
Product Price: $7.45
10-2111  Gate Bracket
A4 07-2101 Arm Hub
Product Price: $14.68
07-2101  Arm Hub
A5 12-3000 Bearing 1-1/4" 1/8"
Product Price: $3.47
12-3000  Bearing 1-1/4" 1/8"
A6 07-2103 Arm Stop
Product Price: $7.55
07-2103  Arm Stop
A7 80-2103 Tinnerman Nut
Product Price: $10.15

80-2103  Tinnerman Nut
80-2103  Tinnerman Nut
D1 11-2101 Shaft
Product Price: $18.17
11-2101  Shaft
D10 20-2101-LD Motor 208/230V, 1PH, 1/2HP (Not Included in Kit)
Product Price: $158.03
20-2101-LD  Motor 208/230V, 1PH, 1/2HP (Not Included in Kit)
20-2101-LD  Motor 208/230V, 1PH, 1/2HP (Not Included in Kit)
D10 G202100 Motor, 115V, 1PH, 1/2HP (Not Included in Kit)
Product Price: $147.51
G202100  Motor, 115V, 1PH, 1/2HP
G202100  Motor, 115V, 1PH, 1/2HP
D11 G322100 Reducer 30:1
Product Price: $175.55
G322100  Reducer 30:1
G322100  Reducer 30:1
D12 75-G0089 Limit Collar Assembly
Product Price: $3.07
75-G0089  Limit Collar Assembly
75-G0089  Limit Collar Assembly
D2 12-4164 Self Aligning Flanged Mount Bearing
Product Price: $17.04
12-4164  Self Aligning Flanged Mount Bearing
D3 G152142 Sprocket, 40B42 1x1/4"
Product Price: $29.88
G152142  Sprocket, 40B42 1x1/4"
G152142  Sprocket, 40B42 1x1/4"
D4 15-40B12-EEF Sprocket, 40B12 5/8"
Product Price: $22.31
15-40B12-EEF  Sprocket, 40B12 5/8"
D5 G162101 Belt 25"
Product Price: $9.49
Belt 25"  G162101
Belt 25"  G162101
D6 G176017 Pulley for Motor
Product Price: $10.63
G176017  Pulley for Motor
G176017  Pulley for Motor
D7 17-G0475 Molded Pulley 6"
Product Price: $24.29
17-G0475  Molded Pulley 6"
D8 19-2153 Chain, #40-53 Pitches
Product Price: $8.82
19-2153  Chain, #40-53 Pitches
D9 19-5040 Master Link, #40
Product Price: $3.14
19-5040  Master Link, #40
GL Board upgrade kit **No longer Available**
Product Price: $180.32
GL Board upgrade kit GLUPSW
No longer Available

Gl Board upgrade kit for upgrading the S3 board to GL
K75-18364 K75-18364 Arm Assembly Kit
Product Price: $190.44
K75-18364  Arm Assembly Kit
K75-18364  Arm Assembly Kit
K75-18365 Drive Assembly Kit (Motor Not Included)
Product Price: $640.16
K75-18365  Drive Assembly Kit (Motor Not Included)
K75-18365  Drive Assembly Kit (Motor Not Included)
Liftmaster SW470 No longer available
Product Price: $935.74
Liftmaster SW470 Swing Gate Operator
No longer availabe Click here to see Elite CSW200

Liftmaster SW470- medium duty Swing Gate Operator