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liftmaster SL540GL slide gate operator parts Click here to download manual
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MG49161 02 MG49161

MG49161 Timer Sprocket Kit, 48B-11T

Product Price: $31.86
MG24740 1 MG24740

MG24740 Outer Cover Assembly Kit

List Price: $429.35
Product Price: $241.12
MG4100933 10 MG4100933

MG4100933 Chain & Sprocket Shield

List Price: $43.37
Product Price: $26.85
MG4100316 13 MG4100316

MG4100316 Side Plate (Pulley Side) Without Bushing

Product Price: $23.28
MG4100932 15 MG4100932

MG4100932 Belt Shield

Product Price: $20.97
76-G0537 Alarm Assembly 16 76-G0537

76-G0537 Alarm Assembly

Product Price: $19.43
MG4100621 17 MG4100621 Mounting Angle

MG4100621 Mounting Angle

Product Price: $33.96
29-25-3 Resistor for Capacitor 29-25-3 Resistor

29-25-3 Resistor for Capacitor

Product Price: $1.81
K20-1050B-1L Motor, 115V, 1PH, 1/2HP 5 20-1050B-1L

20-1050B-1L Motor, 115V, 1PH, 1/2HP

Product Price: $423.51
G0546 7 10-G0546

10-G0546 Control Box Mounting Plate

Product Price: $24.68
MG4200843 9 MG4200843

MG4200843 Frame & Nut sert Assembly

Product Price: $87.24
G193020 Drive Chain #40 20' Not Shown G193020 Chain, #40, 20' with ML [K19-3020]

G193020 Drive Chain #40 20'

List Price: $129.36
Product Price: $80.11
MG8210028 O3 MG8210028

MG8210028 Square Bushing, 1"

Product Price: $3.61
MG49157 O5 MG49157

MG49157 Sprocket Kit, 41A-48T

Product Price: $30.05
MG49158 O8 MG49158

MG49158 Disconnect Spring Kit

Product Price: $11.99
MG8210029 S2 MG8210029

MG8210029 Square Bushing, 5/8"

Product Price: $1.74
MG4101526-4L300 S7 MG4101526 (Q042)

MG4101526 V-Belt 4L300

Product Price: $9.17