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liftmaster MSLDCBB parts slide gate operator parts Click here to download manual
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K-127A0112B  Chip Only 01 K-127A0112B Chip Only

K-127A0112B  Chip Only

Product Price: $24.14
MS001 01 MS001 Controller K79-60142

MS001  Controller

Product Price: $238.98

MS003 02 MS003 Motor, 24V, High Torque, 1/2HP

MS003  Motor, 24V, High Torque, 1/2HP

Product Price: $303.30

MS005 03 MS005 Gear Reducer 10:1

MS005  Gear Reducer 10:1

Product Price: $392.62
MS006 04 MS006 Aluminum Chassis (Frame) 1/4"

MS006  Aluminum Chassis (Frame) 1/4"

Product Price: $514.99
MS007 05 MS007 Drive Belt (230)

MS007  Drive Belt

Product Price: $13.06

MS010 06 MS010 Reducer Pulley 5"

MS010  Reducer Pulley 5"

Product Price: $18.73
MS009 07 MS009 Motor Pulley 2"

MS009  Motor Pulley 2"

Product Price: $8.20

MS351 08 MS351 Motor Breaker/Disconnect

MS351  Motor Breaker/Disconnect

Product Price: $47.45
MS041 09 MS041 Drive Sprocket

MS041  Drive Sprocket

Product Price: $38.78

MS043 10 MS043 Limit Nuts set of 2

MS043  Limit Nuts

Product Price: $9.32
MS013 11 MS013 Detent Plate

MS013  Detent Plate

Product Price: $7.00
MS015 13 MS015 Transformer (110/220V-24V)

MS015  Transformer (110/220V-24V)

Product Price: $112.57
MS040 14 MS040 Idler Pulley/Bolt Kit/Bushing

MS040  Idler Pulley/Bolt Kit/Bushing

Product Price: $10.42
MS044-3xG46 15 MS044 Limit Switch

MS044  Limit Switch

Product Price: $13.09
MS202 16 MS202 Drive Chain #41 Nickel Plated

MS202  Drive Chain #41 Nickel Plated

Product Price: $46.09
MS202SS 16 MS202SS Drive Chain #41 Stainless Steel 10ft length

MS202SS  Drive Chain #41 Stainless Steel 10ft

Product Price: $134.96
MA019 17 MA019 On/Off Switch 120V

MA019  On/Off Switch 120V

Product Price: $19.86
29-NP712  Battery, 12V 7AH 29-NP712 Battery, 12V 7AH (1 battery)

Battery Yuasa NP 7-12  
12V 7AH  (1 battery)

Product Price: $22.87

50-30894 HORN,12V OR 24V(H12/24) 50-30894 HORN,12V OR 24V(H12/24)

MS014  Siren (100db)

Product Price: $78.15
Liftmaster Mega Slide Liftmaster Mega Slide MSL DC BB3

No Longer Available
Use RSL12V click here to view

MEGA SLIDE - Residential / Medium-Duty DC Slide Gate Operator

Product Price: $1,457.82
MA002 MA002 J5 Connector on Control Board

MA002  J5 Connector on Control Board

Product Price: $16.40
MA200 MA200 Relay output option

K1 Relay output option for mega operators ma200

Product Price: $25.80
MS020 MS020 Cover

MS020  Cover

Product Price: $139.64