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liftmaster -Elite Overhead Hercules, HCT trolley parts Click here to download manual
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Q006 01 Q006 PC Board Nuts (Set) [K80-50044]

Q006  PC Board Nuts (Set)

Product Price: 2.84
Q018 02 Q018 Electric Motor 1/2HP K20-1050B-1RL

Q018 Electric Motor 1/2HP

Product Price: 211.00
Q250 02 Q250 Electric Motor 1/2HP Post 2/99 [K20-1050C-1T]

Q250  Electric Motor 1/2HP Post 2/99

Product Price: 312.09
Q027 03 Q027 Motor Capacitor K29C-65AU2415

Q027  Motor Capacitor

Product Price: 63.86
Q029 04 Q029 Limit Switch (Sold Individually) K23-50099

Q029  Limit Switch (Sold Individually)

Product Price: 6.22
Q029 04 Q029 Limit Switch (Sold Individually) K23-50099

Q029  Limit Switch (Sold Individually)

Product Price: 6.22
Q067 05 Q067 Chassis K09-50124

Q067  Chassis

Product Price: 85.75
Q068 06 Q068 Electronic Box [K74-50125]

Q068  Electronic Box

Product Price: 214.49
Q070 07 Q070 Drive Sprocket [K15-41B20GGH]

Q070  Drive Sprocket

Product Price: 11.63
Q071 08 Q071 Gear Reducer Pre 2/99 (K32-50127)

Q071  Gear Reducer Pre 2/99

Product Price: 207.89
Q248 08 Q248 Gear Reducer (40:1) Post 2/99 [K32-50251]

Q248  Gear Reducer (40:1) Post 2/99

Product Price: 222.00
Q072 09 Q072 Gear Box Cover Pre 1/99

Q072  Gear Box Cover Pre 1/99

Product Price: 5.30
Q073 10 Q073 Gear Box Cover Post 1/99 K09-50129

Q073  Gear Box Cover Post 1/99

Product Price: 58.03
Q074 11 Q074 Coupling (3/4 x 5/8) 3 pcs [K75-50130]

Q074  Coupling (3/4 x 5/8) 3 pcs.

Product Price: 50.75
Q075 12 Q075 Limit Switch Ball Bearing K12-50131

Q075  Limit Switch Ball Bearing

Product Price: 11.38
Q076 13 Q076 Turn Buckle [K75-50132]

Q076  Turn Buckle

Product Price: 19.31

Q078 14 Q078 Trolley Wheel Shaft

Q078  Trolley Wheel Shaft

Product Price: 21.52
Q079 15 Q079 Trolley Body

Q079  Trolley Body

Product Price: 58.17
Q080 16 Q080 Dolly Latch [K75-50138]

Q080  Dolly Latch

Product Price: 22.25
Q081 17 Q081 Limit Switch Bolt K11-50139

Q081  Limit Switch Bolt

Product Price: 21.50
Q082 18 Q082 Limit Switch Nuts [K13-50140]

Q082  Limit Switch Nuts

Product Price: 5.62
Q083 19 Q083 Dolly Wheels

Q083  Dolly Wheels

Product Price: 9.08
Q084 20 Q084 Cam lock and 2 keys

Q084  Camlock and 2 keys

Product Price: 9.49
Q085 21 Q085 Dolly Cover K09-50756

Q085  Dolly Cover

Product Price: 52.01
Q086 22 Q086 Retaining Spring Clip K87-E-050

Q086  Retaining Spring Clip

Product Price: 2.14
Q087 23 Q087 Emergency Pulling Ring

Q087  Emergency Pulling Ring

Product Price: 9.34
Q088 24 Q088 Arm K75-50146

Q088  Arm

Product Price: 42.45
Q089 25 Q089 Trolley Body Assembly

Q089  Trolley Body Assembly

Product Price: 173.65
Q090 26 Q090 Plastic Plug

Q090  Plastic Plug

Product Price: 1.74
Q090 26 Q090 Plastic Plug

Q090  Plastic Plug

Product Price: 1.74
Q091 27 Q091 Idler Sprocket [K75-50149]

Q091  Idler Sprocket

Product Price: 16.97
Q092 28 Q092 Rubber Isolator K75-50150

Q092  Rubber Isolator

Product Price: 15.49
Q093 29 Q093 Idler Sprocket Cover

Q093  Idler Sprocket Cover

Product Price: 19.13
Q094 30 Q094 Arm Bracket

Q094  Arm Bracket

Product Price: 17.84
Q095 31 Q095 Arm Bushing

Q095  Arm Bushing

Product Price: 11.33
Q096 32 Q096 Head Bracket

Q096  Head Bracket

Product Price: 25.13
Q097 33 Q097 Mounting Plate

Q097  Mounting Plate

Product Price: 20.92
Q118 34 Q118 Access Door Keys/Hercules K80-50295

Q118 Keys for Access Door/Hercules

Product Price: 4.99
Q170 35 Q170 Electronic Box Cover (Blue) K75-50190

Q170  Electronic Box Cover (Blue)

Product Price: 33.37
Q200 36 Q200 Chain Coupling/Release

Q200  Chain Coupling/Release

Product Price: 10.49
Q400DHCT 37 Q400DHCT Omni Control Board

Q400DHCT  Omni Control Board

Product Price: 203.64

Q404 38 Q404 Omni Alarm

Q404  Omni Alarm

Product Price: 15.17
Q620 39 Q620 HCT Motor Harness Omni

Q620  HCT Motor Harness Omni

Product Price: 9.96
Q069 Q069 Coupling flex ,O/H (OLD) K07-50126

Q069, Motor to Gearbox COUPLING,FLEX,O/H    (Old Syle hercules)
Not shown in this diagram

Product Price: 93.26