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Note: Operators to be installed by authorized installers only

Gate Operators & Accessories

Most people desire a garage to park their vehicles in. Garages offer your vehicle protection from potential theft as well as the elements. However, if your garage is simply manual, you might not be completely satisfied. It might not be everything that you thought it would be. Sure, it serves its purpose of providing your vehicle with some protection, but it might not be the convenient luxury that you were under the impression that it was going to be. Manual garage door openers require you to get in and out of your car to open them every time you want to pull in. Therefore, while they might be keeping your vehicle out of the elements, you could very well have to be getting exposed to the cold, sleet, wind, rain, and other unsavory elements in order to take your car in and out of them. Additionally, they could be taking a toll on your back since you have to constantly bend and strain to raise and lower the door. Even if you’re in perfect health, such repeated motions can begin to take a toll on you over time. Fortunately, there are gate operators and gate operator accessories designed to assist you with these dilemmas. Gate operators and gate operator accessories raise and lower your garage door for you without you having to go through the inconvenience of getting in and out of your car to do it yourself. They are the extra touch of added luxury that most people associate with garage doors in the first place. Not only that, but they also come in a variety of models, some of which have extra added features. For instance, you can get garage door openers that feature lights built-in that illuminate your garage for a certain amount of time while you’re in them so you can see on your way from your vehicle to the door leading into your home. No matter what type of garage door opener or accessories you require for your opener, you are sure to be able to find them here. We have plenty in our inventory designed to suit a wide variety of budgets as well.