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ABT12 ABT12 single replacement battery 12 volt 7ah

Single Replacement Battery 12 volt 7ah for dc backup controllers and miracle operators (Note: Miracle system requires 2 batteries)
battery includes harnesses as shown

Can use part number np-712 for lower cost Yuasa brand replacement battery

Product Price: $49.54

Yuasa-NP7-12 Battery Replacement Yuasa 12v 7ah

Yuasa-NP7-12 Single Replacement Battery 12 volt 7ah for dc backup controllers and miracle and Liftmaster LA400,la412,la500 operators
(Note: Miracle and LA series operators requires 2 batteries)
These are replacement batteries and do not include harnesses.

See abt12 if harnesses are desired

Product Price: $22.87

Chain 40 Chain 40

Chain #40 - Drive chain sold in 10' lengths only

Product Price: $25.99 per 10 foot length

Chain 41 Chain 41

Chain #41 - Drive chain sold in 10' lengths only

Product Price: $22.07 per 10 foot length

Chain-Breaker-Tool Chain Breaker Tool

Chain Breaker Tool

Product Price: $65.76
A-ELD Elite A-ELD plug-in loop detector

Elite plug in loop detector for use with Elite Q400 Omni style circuit board only

List Price: $151.20
Product Price: $110.32

DC-1000 Elite DC-1000 Battery Back Up

Elite DC-1000 Battery Back Up Power - back up system to automatically open an Elite SL3000 Slide or CSW200 Swing gate in the event of a power failure. Use for older pre omni board systems. Elite dc1000 Programming Instructions (click here)

Product Price: $630.36

G6518sl Elite heater for SL3000 gearbox G6518sl

Heater for Elite SL3000 gearbox in cold weather applications

Product Price: $203.44

Elite Omni options Board works with Q400 control boards in New Style SL3000, CSW 200 & Hercules Operators. Provides optional connections for 3 button station, stop circuit, electronic locks & alarm contacts

Product Price: $48.35
K23-51158 Elite Reset button assy K23-51158

Reset Button Assembly

Product Price: $20.64
K75-50893 Elite SL3000 crank interlock kit K75-50893

Crank interlock kit

Product Price: $39.55

K75-50932 Elite SL3000 Hand crank pocket K75-50932

Elite SL3000 new style hand crank pocket to store hand crank (crank sold separately)

Product Price: $16.27
02-51227 Elite SL3000 Stop Reset Switch 02-51227

Stop Reset Switch

Product Price: $38.47
Emergency Chain disconnect Emergency Chain disconnect

Emergency chain disconnect - This can be used on any slide gate system to drop the chain to allow the gate to be opened manually

Product Price: $27.29

acp17 Fire Access Box with Cable Release

Access doors on the front and the back include a hole for a standard or fire department padlock
Pull the interior T-handle to release the gate chain
    - T-handle is connected to a steel cable that runs from the fire box to the release mechanism
    - Release mechanism is located at the rear end of the gate chain

Product Price: $117.04

50850 Interlock Bracket Kit END CAP,CAST,SAFETY INTERLINK (not shown)

Interlock Bracket Kit END CAP,CAST,SAFETY INTERLINK (not shown)

Product Price: $13.48
Liftmaster 312hm Liftmaster 312hm coax receiver 315 frequency

LiftMaster Receiver 315 frequency coax receiver.
Compatible with with Gaplm,Gailm, Dailm, WKP keypads and other LiftMaster wireless intercom products.
312HM Programming Instructions (click here)

Product Price: $53.02

Liftmaster SL3000501UL Liftmaster SL3000501UL 1/2hp slide gate operator

ELITE SL-3000 Heavy Duty slide gate operator 1/2 HP now model SL3000501UL

Updated unit complies with new UL325 code revised Aug 2018
System now requires monitored secondary entrapment devices
unit will include LMRRU safety photo eye

Now includes built in Liftmaster receiver. Use Liftmaster 893MAX remotes sold separately.
Elite SL3000-UL Manual(click here)

List Price: $2,720.00
Product Price: $2,124.38

ld-11 Loop Detector Plug in Socket

DIN Rail mountable 11 pin socket base for
                                 use with our loop detectors

Product Price: $9.72
LH Loop Detector Wire Harness

Wire harness 11 pins/wires  36" in length 20 awg (ul) mtw or awm 600 volt

Product Price: $10.17
master-link-41 master link 41

Master Link #41 - This is a connecting link for #41 chain which is used on most sliding gate operators  (Other sizes available also)

Product Price: $5.19

Masterlink  40 Masterlink 40

#40 master link

Product Price: $4.54

Masterlink  41 Masterlink 41

#41 master link

Product Price: $5.19

ODC1000  aka DC ODC1000 aka DC

Controller unit only for DC 1000 battery back up unit includes battery (motor not included)

Product Price: $224.27

ODC2000 aka DC2000 ODC2000 aka DC2000

Controller unit only for DC 2000 battery back up unit includes battery (motor not included)

Product Price: $337.06

Omniup Omniup KIT (Omni Upgrade)

Elite Omni upgrade kit includes q400 main board, surge suppressor and reset button
fits SL3000, CSW 200 & Hercules Operators
used to upgrade systems that used to had old obsolete Q019 boards
Note if used for dual gates master/slave systems both boards will need to be upgraded.

Upgrade instructions click here to view

Product Price: $294.73

Q003 Q003 chain bolt 1/2 K07-50637

Chain Bolt This is a 1/2" Chain adjusting bolt to attach the chain to a sliding gate. Comes with nuts.

Product Price: $5.79

Q004 Q004 chain bracket

Chain Bracket q004

Product Price: $17.73

Q005 Q005 SL3000 chassis K09-50087

SL-3000 Chassis

Product Price: $229.60
Q006 Q006 PC board nuts (1 set) [K80-50044]

PC Board Nuts 1 set

Product Price: $2.95

Q013 Q013 idler sprocket assembly K75-50090

Idler Gear Elite toothless idler gear for use on SL 3000 operators Includes bolt and sleeve.
3.5" diameter 1-3/8 wide with 1/4 off sett total width 1-5/8 with 1/2" x 2-7/8 bolt  idlers sold individually

Product Price: $10.56

Q014 Q014 K15-41B26LGH

Drive Sprocket

Product Price: $26.14

Q015 Q015 gear reducer K32-50091

Gear Reducer

Product Price: $223.55
Q016 Q016 limit switch drive sprocket [K15-35B17LGF]

Limit Switch Drive Sprocket

Product Price: $7.27

Q018 Q018 1/2 hp motor K20-1050B-1RL

1/2 HP Motor
This is the new style motor from Liftmaster for all Elite SL3000, CSW200 and HCT Hercules operators.

Product Price: $227.57

Q019 Q019 control board non UL (No longer Available use omniup kit)

Elite Circuit Board Old style fits SL3000, CSW 200 & Hercules Operators
(No longer Available use omniup kit)

click here to go to Omniup kit

Product Price: $284.19

Q020 Q020 drive belt 220 (K16-50094)

Drive Belt for standard 1 motor system

Product Price: $22.88

Q021 Q021 gear pulley K17-50095

Gear Pulley

Product Price: $9.28
Q024 Q024 Elite SL3000 limit assy K75-50097

Limit Switch Assembly

Product Price: $83.37

Q025 Q025 Motor Pulley K17-50098

Motor Pulley

Product Price: $11.84

Q027 Q027 motor capacitor K29C-65AU2415

Motor Capacitor

Product Price: $68.88

Q028 Q028 manual crank K07-50303

Hand crank for SL3000

Product Price: $15.92

Q029 Q029 limit switch K23-50099

Limit Switch (sold individually)

Product Price: $6.51

Q030 Q030 limit switch / chain K19-35052

Limit Switch Chain

Product Price: $4.87

Q031 Q031 limit switch bolt K11-50100

Limit Switch shaft

Product Price: $6.90

Q032 Q032 limit switch adjustment nuts K75-50101

Limit Nut for SL 3000 and Robo Slide gate operator (2 required) (sold individually)
NOTE: Limit nut design has been changed by manufacture it no longer contains brass insert

Product Price: $6.23

Q033 Q033 limit switch sprocket K15-35B09AXR

Limit Switch Sprocket

Product Price: $4.56

Q039 Q039 drive belt / DM & 1 HP 340 (K16-50105)

Drive Belt for Dual Motor or 1HP operators

Product Price: $14.60

q065 Q065 drive belt for use with DC backup and dual motors

Q065 drive belt for use with DC backup and dual motor systems

Product Price: $10.42

Q101 Q101 limit switch bearing holder K75-50156

Limit Switch Bearing Holder sold individually

Product Price: $5.55
Q123 Q123 back-up motor DC 12V K20-9012B

Dc motor for battery back up

Product Price: $97.76



Product Price: $32.46
Q156 Q156 collar 3/8 [K07-50180]

Collar 3/8"

Product Price: $2.57
Q160 Q160 Long Gate Kit (Chain,Sprocket)

used on sl3000 operators when more travel is needed for long gates

Product Price: $16.47
q164 Q164 drive belt for use with DC backup (37) [K16-50187]

q164 Drive Belt for sl3000 with dc backup

Product Price: $10.63
Q177 Q177 WIRE HARNESS DC-1000 [K94-50196]


Product Price: $19.93
q209 Q209 (K17-50223)

PULLY DC-1000 1/2ID (POST6/96)

Product Price: $9.93
Q237 Q237 crank input [K75-50242]

Crank Input

Product Price: $9.99

Q254 Q254 UL cover HD polyethylene K75-51048

Cover HD Polyethylene for Elite SL3000UL operators

List Price: $205.80
Product Price: $146.99

Q277 Q277 WIRE HARNESS DC-2000 (use q177 for dc1000 units) K94-50262


Product Price: $19.93

Q400 MAU Q400 MAU maglock relay K74-50276

Maglock/Solenoid relay adapter for use with Q400 omni boards

Product Price: $61.92
Q400 Q400 Omni Main Circuit Board, Q400E

Elite Circuit Board New Style Omni fits SL3000, CSW 200 & Hercules Operators

Product Price: $239.63

Q401 Q401 Omni 1 HP board K-001A5872

Omni 1 HP Board

Product Price: $52.01

Q403 Q403 electronic box assembly 1 hp (K74-50278)

Electronic Box Assembly

Product Price: $146.16
Q407 Q407 Omni motor harness 1 HP (K94-50281)

Omni Motor Harness

Product Price: $16.52
Q408 Q408 Omni switch channel K74-50282

Electronic power strip

Product Price: $27.62
Q409 Q409 electronic access panel K41-50283

Electronic Access Panel

Product Price: $11.47

Q410 Q410 surge suppressor terminal block K70-51060

Surge Suppressor Terminal Block

Product Price: $74.48

Q420 Q420 Omni motor harness K94-50286-1

Omni Motor Harness

Product Price: $10.82
Q421 Q421 Omni motor harness DM [K94-50287-1]

Omni Motor Harness DM

Product Price: $15.56
Q523 Dual Motor service Kit Q523 Dual Motor service Kit [K77-50289]

Q523 Dual Motor service Kit for Elite Sl3000 and CSW200

Product Price: $30.03
OCC-Omni QCC-Omni quick close circuit

QCC-Omni quick close circuit for use on SL3000 operators with Omni Q400 board
Note:  Requires Omni-EXB (options ) board also sold separately

Product Price: $24.18
CS Warning Sign for slide gates

Warning Sign for slide gates

Product Price: $5.99

If you have an Elite SL3000 and need parts you have come to the right place. We stock all of the major replacement parts for the Sl3000 slide gate operator. We have a sl3000 parts breakdown that you shows you an exploded breakdown view you can clearly identify the parts you need and order it online from our store. This has been one of the best gate operators on the market for several years, we can help you keep it running even longer.