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ABT12 ABT12 single replacement battery 12 volt 7ah

Single Replacement Battery 12 volt 7ah for dc backup controllers and miracle operators (Note: Miracle system requires 2 batteries)
battery includes harnesses as shown

Can use part number np-712 for lower cost Yuasa brand replacement battery

Product Price: $49.54

ABTMIR ABTMIR plastic rack & 2 batteries

Plastic rack and 2 Batteries (FOR batteries only see a-bt-12 **  2 required)

Product Price: $415.98

APOW3 APOW3 transformer 24 vac [K76-37251]

Transformer Plug in 24 vac now california energy compliant 34volt direct replacement

Product Price: $25.39

Yuasa-NP7-12 Battery Replacement Yuasa 12v 7ah

Yuasa-NP7-12 Single Replacement Battery 12 volt 7ah for dc backup controllers and miracle and Liftmaster LA400,la412,la500 operators
(Note: Miracle and LA series operators requires 2 batteries)
These are replacement batteries and do not include harnesses.

See abt12 if harnesses are desired

Product Price: $22.87

k33-51206-315 RADIO RECEIVER G535-315ELITE k33-51206-315 RADIO RECEIVER G535-315ELITE


Product Price: $42.15

Q029 Q029 limit switch K23-50099

Limit Switch (sold individually)

Product Price: $6.51

Q162 Q162 fuse 1.5 amp K35-50185

Fuse 1.5

Product Price: $2.08

Q222 Q222 control board (single operator) K-001A5868

Control Board (single operator)

Product Price: $382.56

Q223 Q223 control board (master/slave) K001A5869

Control Board (master/slave)

Product Price: $466.33

Q226 Q226 power harness (single operator) K94-50237

Power Harness (Single Operator)

Product Price: $19.34
Q230 Q230 Mounting brackets for Miracle and LA500 (K77-50240)

Steel Bracket Mounting Plates (2) For Elite Miracle and LA500 Operators

Product Price: $73.78
Q231 Q231 radio & accessory harness K94-50241 **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

Radio and Accessory Harness

Product Price: $22.05
Q232 Q232 bottom washer & nut (for traveler carriage bolt) K77-50336

Bottom Washer and nut(for traveler carriage bolt)

Product Price: $3.06

Q233 Q233 Miracle rear mounting bolt

Bolt, Bushing, nut (Fits rear mount of operator)

Product Price: $7.79

Q234 Rod Bracket Kit, MIR-1 Q234 Rod Bracket Kit, MIR-1

Q234 Rod Bracket Kit, MIR-1

Product Price: $15.59
Q239 Q239 limit switch harness

Limit Switch harness(wires and 4 limit switches)

Product Price: $67.52

Q243 Q243 fuse 8 amp Miracle 1 (K35-50246)

8 amp fuse miracle 1

Product Price: $2.49

Q257-key only Q257-key Elite release key only for Miracle (operators post 3/14/99)

Elite miracle release key  (operators post 3/14/99)

Product Price: $10.91

Q258 Q258 fuse 2 amp Miracle 1 (K35-50255)

2 amp fuse miracle 1

Product Price: $3.32
Q259 Q259 fuse 3 amp Miracle M/S [K35-50256]

3 amp fuse miracle m/s

Product Price: $5.26

Q260 Q260 fuse 15 amp Miracle M/S (K35-50257)

15 amp fuse Miracle m/s

Product Price: $3.11

Q262 Q262 harness-motor (operator cord) K70-51063

Harness-Motor(operator cord) 6ft long

Product Price: $22.02

Q300 Q300 traveler carriage K75-50341

Traveler Carriage

Product Price: $90.96

Q301 Q301 arm cover set K75-50265M

Arm Cover set(top and bottom aluminum)

Product Price: $149.26

Q302 Q302 Miracle end caps K75-50266

Arm End Caps (set)

Product Price: $80.93

Q310 Q310 Miracle 1 surge protection (K74-50271)

Miracle 1 Surge Protection

Product Price: $200.06

Q404 Q404 Omni siren [K29-50279]

UL Audio Alarm

Product Price: $15.78
Wire 6 conductor miracle wiring Wire 6 conductor miracle wiring 40'

Wire 6 conductor wire used for master/slave connections of Elite Miracle systems 40 ft length

Product Price: $100.40
If you have an Elite Miracle and need parts you have come to the right place. We stock all of the major replacement parts for the Miracle swing gate operator. We have a Miracle parts breakdown that you shows you an exploded breakdown view you can clearly identify the parts you need and order it online from our store. This has been one of the best gate operators on the market for several years, we can help you keep it running even longer.