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A12330pack A12330pack upgraded 2) 33 aph 12 volt battery

Upgraded 2) 33 aph 12 volt battery for use with robo operators

Product Price: $270.66
A12330 A12330sglpk upgraded 33 aph 12 volt battery

Upgraded 33 aph 12 volt battery for use with robo operators

Product Price: $130.90
ABT12 ABT12 single replacement battery 12 volt 7ah

Single Replacement Battery 12 volt 7ah for dc backup controllers and miracle operators (Note: Miracle system requires 2 batteries)
battery includes harnesses as shown

Can use part number np-712 for lower cost Yuasa brand replacement battery

Product Price: $49.54

APOW1 APOW1 Elite Robo plug in

APOW1  Elite Robo plug in transformer was 18VAC now replaced by 25V California energy compliant

Note:  As of March 2008 transformer has been changed to a 25 VAC self resetting unit that is to be used as direct replacement for the old 18vac units

Product Price: $24.18

Yuasa-NP7-12 Battery Replacement Yuasa 12v 7ah

Yuasa-NP7-12 Single Replacement Battery 12 volt 7ah for dc backup controllers and miracle and Liftmaster LA400,la412,la500 operators
(Note: Miracle and LA series operators requires 2 batteries)
These are replacement batteries and do not include harnesses.

See abt12 if harnesses are desired

Product Price: $22.87

ld-11 Loop Detector Plug in Socket

DIN Rail mountable 11 pin socket base for
                                 use with our loop detectors

Product Price: $9.72
LH Loop Detector Wire Harness

Wire harness 11 pins/wires  36" in length 20 awg (ul) mtw or awm 600 volt

Product Price: $10.17
Q006 Q006 PC board nuts (1 set) [K80-50044]

PC Board Nuts 1 set

Product Price: $2.95

Q009 Q009 electronic access panel cover [K41-50089]

electronic access panel cover

Product Price: $20.51
Q029 Q029 limit switch K23-50099

Limit Switch (sold individually)

Product Price: $6.51

q050 Q050 gear box assembly (size 60) non threaded clutch shaft K32-50112

Gear Box assy size 60 non threaded clutch shaft

Replacement for:

All Robo Swing Operators

CSW-200 operators with serial numbers less than 101495-20456

CSW-200-DM units with serial numbers less than 101495-20456

Csw-200 1 HP units with serial numbers less than 101495-20456

If your unit does not fall within these serial numbers look at alternate gearboxes Q207 or Q210

Product Price: $212.46
Q055 Q055 limit switch holder [K75-50189]

Limit switch holder

Product Price: $51.11
Q057 Q057 CSW sprocket/chain kit K75-50117

Sprocket and chain kit includes parts for standard or jumbo gearbox

Product Price: $58.52

Q058 Q058 output shaft for size 60 gearboxes K07-50118

Output Shaft for robo swing and csw200 with size 60 gearboxes ( has 1" hole)

Product Price: $47.47
Q059 Q059 output arm solid K09-50119

Output Arm Solid

Product Price: $30.41

Q060 Q060 arm release handle [K75-50120]

Arm release handle

Product Price: $13.06
Q061 Q061 output shaft cludge (T) assembly K75-50121

Cludge Assembly

Product Price: $77.69

Q062 Q062 cludge cover stainless steel K09-50122

Cludge Cover Stainless Steel

Product Price: $51.81

Q084 Q084 Cam lock and 2 keys

Camlock and 2 keys

Product Price: $9.87

Q104 Q104 standard arm assembly 75-50293

Q104 Standard arm assembly

Product Price: $66.38

Q118 Q118 access door keys K80-50295

Keys for access door

Product Price: $6.99

Q123 Q123 back-up motor DC 12V K20-9012B

Dc motor for battery back up

Product Price: $97.76

Q134 Q134 KIT,SVC,CHN-ASSY,#25 [K19-25066]


Product Price: $5.28
Q140 Q140 chain #50 Robo Swing K19-50038

Chain #50 robo swing

Product Price: $11.65
Q162 Q162 fuse 1.5 amp K35-50185

Fuse 1.5

Product Price: $2.08

Q165 Q165 limit switch assembly Robo Swing K75-50189

Limit Switch Assembly Robo Swing

Product Price: $51.11
Q181 Q181 coupling 2 1/2 (K07-50200)

Coupling 2 1/2

Product Price: $38.86

Q183 Q183 sprocket (B50-16) K15-50B16EES

Sprocket B50-16

Product Price: $20.37

Q203 Q203 options board with harness for Robo operators [K-001A5879]

Option board with harness

Product Price: $40.42
Q205 Q205 Robo

Robo SW / Sl Conversion Kit used to convert from old style larger boards to new style Q206 Board (note does not include q412 surge suppressor)

Product Price: $303.79
Q206 Q206 control board for Robo operators K-001A5867

Control Board for Elite Robo operators

Product Price: $292.26

Q212 Q212 gear reducer 40-30:1 (K32-50225)

Gear Reducer 40-30:1

Product Price: $168.87

Q214 Q214 limit/motor harness

Limit/Motor Harness

Product Price: $14.67

Q238 Q238 CSW limit adjuster cam K75-50339

gate adjustment limit cam

Product Price: $6.99

Q244 Q244 CSW200 cover HD polyethylene K75-50247

Cover HD Polyethylene

Product Price: $247.74
Q268 Q268 cludge cover plastic K13-50260

Cludge cover plastic

Product Price: $11.12

Q412 Q412 surge suppressor K70-51105

Surge Suppressor

Product Price: $91.35