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31D477 01-31D477 Drive shaft cover

Drive shaft cover

Product Price: $5.70
41B4245 02-41B4245 Line cord 4'

Line cord

Product Price: $6.21
30B532 03-30B532 Capacitor

Capacitor - 1/2 HP

Product Price: $16.59
12A373 04-12A373 Capacitor bracket

Capacitor bracket

Product Price: $2.11
41A3150 05-41A3150 Terminal block w/screws

Terminal block w/screws

Product Price: $4.25
41D4671 06-41D4671 Limit switch assembly

Limit switch assembly

Product Price: $10.47

12D630 07-12D630 Bracket for light socket & limit switch

Bracket for light socket & limit switch

Product Price: $9.40
144B42 08B-144B42 28T pulley

28T pulley

Product Price: $4.51
158A69 08D-158A69 Retainer ring

Retainer ring

Product Price: $1.38
41C556 08E-41C556 Isolator bracket spacers

Isolator bracket spacers

Product Price: $3.97
41A5394 08F-41A5394 Assembly bracket motor mount

Assembly bracket motor mount

Product Price: $28.96
81B170-1 08G-81B170-1 Shaft limit worm

Shaft limit worm

Product Price: $6.79
41C4672 09-41C4672 RPM sensor assembly

RPM sensor assembly

Product Price: $13.57

41C5417 11-41C5417 Low voltage wire harness

Low voltage wire harness

Product Price: $14.38
41C5416 11A-41C5416 High voltage wire harness

High voltage wire harness

Product Price: $7.82
41A5389c 12-41A5389C Receiver logic board assembly

Receiver logic board assembly for Sears Crafstman garage door openers (390 MHz) Note: You will use the circuit board only with your existing black plastic end panel.
41a5389 Installation Instructions (click here)

Product Price: $63.66

175C147 15-175C147 Light socket

Light socket

Product Price: $6.79
108D78 16-108D60 Light lens (use 108D78)

Light lens

Product Price: $15.74

41A5387 17-41A5387 Chassis with rail bracket

Chassis with rail bracket

Product Price: $17.43
2b654 18-12b654 Motor support bracket

Motor support bracket

Product Price: $2.50