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MA001 01 MA001 MA & MAT Control Board K79-60166

MA001 Controller

Product Price: $221.58

MA002 02 MA002

MA002 Removable Connector

Product Price: $15.77
MA003 03 MA003 Motor, 1/2HP, 24VDC, BM

MA003 MOTOR 24VDC MEGA ARM aka sw003

Product Price: $281.22

MBAT 04 MBAT -- [Yuasa-NP7-12]

MBAT 12 Vdc 7AH Battery (2 required)

Product Price: $21.99
MA005 05 MA005 Gear Reducer 60:1

MA005 Gear Reducer 60:1

Product Price: $485.19

MA006 06 MA006

MA006 Aluminum Chassis

Product Price: $712.91
MA007 07 MA007 Drive Belt 4L290

MA007 Drive Belt

Product Price: $10.28

MA008 08 MA008 Pulley, gear reducer, 8"

MA008 Reducer Pulley

Product Price: $22.94
MA009 09 MA009 Motor Pulley 1.5"

MA009 Motor Pulley

Product Price: $14.27
MA010 10 MA010 Gate Arm Bracket

MA010 Gate Arm Bracket

Product Price: $137.21

MA011 11 MA011 Magnet

MA011 Magnet

Product Price: $6.61
MA012 12 MA012 Cam Arm

MA012 Cam Arm with magnet

Product Price: $17.17

MA013 13 MA013 Shear Pin #6

MA013 Shear Pin

Product Price: $14.50
MA014 14 MA014

MA014 Bolt & Nut (4) Motor

Product Price: $6.01
MA015 15 MA015

MA015 Transformer

Product Price: $91.51
MA019 19 MA019

MA019 On/Off Switch

Product Price: $19.10
MA036 20 MA036 Shaft Collar

MA036 Collar

Product Price: $5.95
71-SPRINT Sprint Option 71-SPRINT

71-SPRINT Sprint Option

Product Price: $413.43
71-TRAP Trap Option 71-TRAP

71-TRAP Trap Option

Product Price: $35.29
71-TRAP-SP Sprint Trap Option 71-TRAP-SP

71-TRAP-SP Sprint Trap Option

Product Price: $63.93

Samskit field modification kit

Product Price: $21.60
K74-31243 Surge Suppressor K74-31243 MOV 508V

K74-31243 Surge Suppressor

Product Price: $26.47
K79-60180 K79-60180 KIT,SVC,PCB-ASSY,MAS/MAST


Product Price: $238.59
MA003B MA003B Brushes for B series motors


Product Price: $36.80
MA003C MA003C Brushes for C series motors


Product Price: $35.95

MA003E MA003E Brushes for E series motors


Product Price: $55.14

MA020 MA020 Cover, Mega Arm

MA020 Unit Cover for Mega Arm (not tower)

Product Price: $143.96
MA020D MA020D Tower Door

MA020D Unit Door for Mega Arm Tower

Product Price: $182.38
MA020T MA020T Cover, Mega Arm Tower

MA020T Unit Cover for Mega Arm Tower

Product Price: $98.87
MA021 MA021 Nylon Arm Nuts (50)

MA021 Nylon Arm Nuts (2)

Product Price: $11.96

MA022 MA022 Arm Bolt [set of 2]

MA022 Arm Bolts set of 2 bolts

Product Price: $6.99

MA025 MEGA-ARM 12 foot Alunimun barrier gate arm with 4" diameter yellow pad

Product Price: $151.88
MA028 MA028

MA028 Barrier Gate Arm - 14' with 4" foam pad

Product Price: $189.60
MA031 MA031 Arm adaptor collor (2 pk)

MA031 Arm Adapter collars

Product Price: $11.36


List Price: $487.20
Product Price: $395.83
MA117 MA117 Counter Weight

MA117 Counter Weight

List Price: $240.00
Product Price: $162.00
MA200 MA200 Relay output option

K1 Relay output option for mega operators ma200

Product Price: $24.81
ma201 ma201 heater

Heater w/thermostat < 32 deg. for mega arm operator ma201

Product Price: $91.80
MA024RDOT Mega Tower MA024RDOT 12' Arm with Retroreflectorized DOT tape

Mega Tower MA024RDOT 12' White aluminum arm with red/white retroreflectorized DOT tape

Product Price: $208.80
MA116RDOT Mega Tower MA116RDOT 15' Arm with Retroreflectorized DOT tape

Mega Tower MA116RDOT 15' White aluminum arm with red/white retroreflectorized DOT tape

List Price: $248.80
Product Price: $256.20
liftmaster un201 heater un201 Thermostat Control Heater & Plate

Heater unit for Matdcbb operators

Product Price: $159.30