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You are here: Home > Select Products > Parts > Garage Door Opener Parts (Residential) > LiftMaster > Liftmaster 8075 Parts
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01-1A995 Master link kit (4A1008)
Product Price: $5.24
1A995 Master link kit
1A995 Master link kit
01-41A4208-2 Chain spreader w/screws
Product Price: $6.38

Chain spreader w/screws for dual sprocket units only
02-41A4813 Chain Pulley Bracket
Product Price: $13.38
Chain Pulley Bracket 41A4813
Chain Pulley Bracket 41A4813
02-41C4206 dual speed gear and sprocket assembly
Product Price: $34.23
41C4206 Liftmaster dual speed gear and sprocket assembly
41C4206 Liftmaster dual speed gear and sprocket assembly
03-10A20 3v battery
Product Price: $1.60

3V Lithium replacement battery that works with all 370lm-374lm, 970lm-974lm, and 81lm-83LM series remotes.
Please note that not all new remotes come with batteries.
03-41A2817 gear kit
Product Price: $20.98

Liftmaster replacement gear kit Used in ALL Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Sears Openers. kit includes Drive gear, Worm gear, grease, roll pins, bushings
41A2817 Installation Instructions (click here)

41A2817 Instructional Video click here
03-41A3489 trolley assy
Product Price: $20.41
Complete trolley assembly
04-143D100 Front end panel
Product Price: $13.18
Front end panel
04-29B137 Remote Control Visor Clip
Product Price: $5.25
Remote Control Visor Clip 29B137
Remote Control Visor Clip 29B137
05-041C0279 Liftmaster Light Socket
Product Price: $6.21
Liftmaster 041C0279 Light Socket
05-41A2828 Manual rope & handle assembly
Product Price: $4.08
Manual rope & handle assembly
05-41D3484 Chain assembly - 7' door
Product Price: $29.54
Chain assembly - 7' door
06-41B4494-1 2-Conductor bell wire 26 feet
Product Price: $7.09

2-Conductor bell wire appx 26 feet
07-30B532 Capacitor
Product Price: $16.59
07-41A5047 Door bracket
Product Price: $6.98
Door bracket with pin and clip  7/8 inside dimension
08-12A373 Capacitor bracket
Product Price: $2.11
Capacitor bracket
08-41A4353 Header bracket (1993-current)
Product Price: $5.53
Header bracket (1993-current)
09-041D7440 Universal Motor
Product Price: $142.46
041D7440 Universal Motor
041D7440 Universal Motor
09-41A5034 safety sensor kit (used on 1997-current units)
Product Price: $26.33
Snappy Sensors kit (used on 1997-current units)one side has amber led other side has green led
units attach to brackets by head of carriage bolt (they do not have a bolt hole through them)
units measure appx 2-3/8 " long w/3 feet 2-conductor wire
10-178B34 Straight door arm section
Straight door arm section
10-41D7742-7 Travel Module
Product Price: $17.63
Travel Module 41D7742-7
108D36-2 Lens CG40D & CG40D
Product Price: $12.58

Lens CG40D & CG40D one light systems  7-1/2 " long  4-7/8" wide 3-1/8" tall approximately
11-041D8145 Cover
Product Price: $27.79
041D8145 Cover
041D8145 Cover
11-178B35 curved door arm
Curved door arm section
12-41A5266-1 Safety Sensor Bracket
Product Price: $13.61
Safety Sensor Bracket 41A5266-1
Safety Sensor Bracket
12-45ACT Logic Board
Product Price: $64.23
Logic Board 45ACT
13-041D0240 Logic Board End Panel
Product Price: $17.99
041D0240 Logic Board End Panel
041D0240 Logic Board End Panel
41A2770-6 Installation Hardware kit for openers
Product Price: $9.69
Liftmaster 41A2770-6 Installation Hardware kit
Hardware kit for garage door openers which includes bolts for 41a5034 eyes, release cord and handle,grease,staples arm bolts etc
see photo
83A11-2 Rail grease
Product Price: $4.85

Rail grease 83A11-2
891LM security 2.0 single button remote
Product Price: $19.94

Liftmaster 891LM
security 2.0 Single-Button Remote Control
891LM Liftmaster remote control
Controls one garage door, gate or MyQ enabled light devics
Features Security+2.0 rolling code technology
5-year 3V lithium battery included
Compatible only with Security+2.0 LiftMaster garage door openers or gate operators
Liftmaster 883LM Door Control Button
Liftmaster 883LM
Liftmaster 883LM Door Control Button
R-04-1707LM One Piece T Rail 7 feet
Product Price: $34.43
One Piece Rail 7 feet 1707LM
One Piece  T Rail 7 feet
We offer replacement parts for the Liftmaster 8075 Garage door opener. Whether you are looking for a replacement gear kit, safety sensor photo eyes or a complete new unit we have what you are looking for. We stock all major parts for the Liftmaster 8075 garage door openers. See the Liftmaster 8075 parts breakdown shown above and select the replacement parts you are looking for.