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34121B05 Nut, 1/4-20 06-34121B05 Nut, 1/4-20

34121B05 Nut, 1/4-20

Product Price: $0.32
24121C05 10-24121C05 Nut, 5/16

24121C05 Nut, 5/16

Product Price: $0.60
20466R Carriage 11-20466R Carriage (replaced by 35263R)

20466R Carriage  (replaced by 35263R)

Product Price: $27.12

34540A Rail Strap (2 Bolt) 14-34540A Rail Strap (2 Bolt)

34540A Rail Strap Genie Excelerator

Product Price: $5.01
20467R Limit Switch & Screw (L) 16-20467R Limit Switch & Screw (L)

20467R Limit Switch & Screw (L)

Product Price: $9.91
34538R Up Limit Switch (ML) 16-34538R Up Limit Switch (ML)

34538R Up Limit Switch (ML)

Product Price: $13.98
34538S Down Limit Switch (ML) 16-34538S Down Limit Switch (ML)

34538S Down Limit Switch (ML)

Product Price: $15.02

21123B 18-21123B Release Cord, 26.5" (now uses 21123F)

21123B Release Cord, 26.5"

Product Price: $2.99
21123C 18-21123C Release Cord, 56.5"

21123C Release Cord, 56.5"

Product Price: $2.99
21122A Release Knob 19-21122A Release Knob (use 35227A)

21122A Release Knob

Product Price: $1.83
22668A04 21-22668A04 Header Bracket [now 35421A]

22668A04 Header Bracket

Product Price: $2.21
8091A04 Lag Screw, 5/16 X 2 22-8091A04 Lag Screw, 5/16 X 2

8091A04 Lag Screw, 5/16 X 2

Product Price: $0.95
8091B04 Lag Screw, 1/4 x 2 22-8091B04 Lag Screw, 1/4 x 2

8091B04 Lag Screw, 1/4 x 2

Product Price: $0.61
33760A04 Bolt, 1/4-20 X 5/8 23-33760A04 Bolt, 1/4-20 X 5/8

33760A04 Bolt, 1/4-20 X 5/8

Product Price: $0.61
19792A04 Door Bracket 24-19792A04 Door Bracket

19792A04 Door Bracket

Product Price: $3.80
3359Q06 Carriage Bolt, 1/4 X 2 25-3359Q06 Carriage Bolt, 1/4 X 2

3359Q06 Carriage Bolt, 1/4 X 2

Product Price: $0.60
605879.0001 Screw Self Drill 1/4-20X3/4 25-605879.0001 Screw Self Drill 1/4-20X3/4

605879.0001 Screw Self Drill 1/4-20X3/4

Product Price: $0.60
26012D 26-26012D Straight Door Arm

26012D Straight Door Arm

Product Price: $7.78

5987F04 Clevis Pin 27-5987F04 Clevis Pin

5987F04 Clevis Pin

Product Price: $1.19
34542A Hair Pin 28-34542A Hair Pin

34542A Hair Pin

Product Price: $0.34

26013D 29-26013D Curved Door Arm

26013D Curved Door Arm

Product Price: $8.91

5973Q04 Bolt, 3/8 x 7/8 30-5973Q04 Bolt, 3/8 x 7/8

5973Q04 Bolt, 3/8 x 7/8

Product Price: $0.60
24121D05 31-24121D05 Nut, 3/8

24121D05 Nut, 3/8

Product Price: $0.60
8094H04 Screw, #8-32 X 1 HHW 48-8094H04 Screw, #8-32 X 1 HHW

8094H04 Screw, #8-32 X 1 HHW

Product Price: $0.36
33762A Wire Clip 52-33762A Wire Clip

33762A Wire Clip

Product Price: $0.22
Aladdin Connect Aladdin Connect

Smart Phone Remote Access Control System with easy installation and set-up
Compatible with most residential garage door openers
(See our Opener Compatibility list)
Some doors require adapter 38013R sold separately
see part number 39279R for extra door sensors

Product Price: $114.45
Aladdin Connect extra sensor Aladdin Connect extra door sensor

Aladdin Connect Extra Door Sensor

One Aladdin Connect Door Control Module controls up to three doors while one Door Position Sensor is needed per door
(one module and sensor come standard with kit)

Product Price: $31.49