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Genie Motor Head Parts-PMX300-IC/B,PMX500-IC/B,IC250B
Genie Motor Head Parts-PMX60-PMX65-PMX75-PMX80-PMX85-PMX300-IC/A, PMX500-IC/A, IC250
Genie Rail Parts-PMX GEN 1-2 & 3 PMX60-PMX65-PMX75-PMX80-PMX85-PMX300-IC/A, PMX500-IC/A,PMX300-IC/B,PMX500-IC/B
Genie Rail Parts-PMX GEN 2 & 3 IC250-IC250/B
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Aladdin Connect
Product Price: $114.45
Aladdin Connect
Smart Phone Remote Access Control System with easy installation and set-up
Compatible with most residential garage door openers
(See our Opener Compatibility list)
Some doors require adapter 38013R sold separately
see part number 39279R for extra door sensors
Aladdin Connect extra door sensor
Product Price: $31.49
Aladdin Connect extra sensor
Aladdin Connect Extra Door Sensor

One Aladdin Connect Door Control Module controls up to three doors while one Door Position Sensor is needed per door
(one module and sensor come standard with kit)