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24567R 01-24567R Cord & Plug

24567R Cord & Plug

Product Price: $17.64
27255C04 Screw, #6 X 1/2 02-27255C04 Screw, #6 X 1/2

27255C04 Screw, #6 X 1/2

Product Price: $3.77
20285R Receiver (12 Switch) 03-20285R Receiver (12 Switch)

20285R Receiver (12 Switch)

Product Price: $60.67
20437R Receiver (Rolling Code) 03-20437R Receiver (Rolling Code)(replaced by 36521R)

20437R Receiver (Rolling Code)(replaced by 36521R)

Product Price: $67.67
27325R Component Panel 04-27325R Component Panel -- NO LONGER AVAILABLE

27325R Component Panel

Product Price: $11.14
27250A30 Screw, #8-18 X 1/2 06-27250A30 Screw, #8-18 X 1/2

27250A30 Screw, #8-18 X 1/2

Product Price: $0.56
35426A Transformer 08-35426A Transformer

35426A Transformer

Product Price: $17.66
24121E05 09-24121E05 Nut, #10-32

24121E05 Nut, #10-32

Product Price: $0.56
8706E04 Ground Screw, #8 X 3/8 10-8706E04 Ground Screw, #8 X 3/8

8706E04 Ground Screw, #8 X 3/8

Product Price: $0.59
29506S Top Plate 11-29506S Top Plate

29506S Top Plate

Product Price: $17.36
27094A Limit Pinion 12-27094A Limit Pinion

27094A Limit Pinion

Product Price: $0.62

27095A Limit Cam 13-27095A Limit Cam

27095A Limit Cam

Product Price: $0.82

27093A Limit Wheel 14-27093A Limit Wheel

27093A Limit Wheel

Product Price: $4.41
24173B04 15-24173B04 Screw, #4 X .62

24173B04 Screw, #4 X .62

Product Price: $0.82
27220A Limit Switch 16-27220A Limit Switch

27220A Limit Switch

Product Price: $6.31
27249A Limit Switch Plate 17-27249A Limit Switch Plate

27249A Limit Switch Plate

Product Price: $2.93
29053V Side Panel Cover PMX 18-29053V Side Panel Cover PMX

29053V Side Panel Cover PMX

Product Price: $20.99
9541C_A 19-9541C Strain Relief

9541C Strain Relief

Product Price: $1.78
27221A Switch, Limit Override 21-27221A Switch, Limit Override

27221A Switch, Limit Override

Product Price: $7.76
25760C 22-25760C Clamp Capacitor

25760C Clamp Capacitor

Product Price: $2.49
18004B 23-18004B Capacitor, 50 MFD, 1/3 HP

18004B Capacitor, 50 MFD, 1/3 HP

Product Price: $20.30

19988A Capacitor, 70 MFD, 1/2 HP 23-19988A Capacitor, 70 MFD, 1/2 HP

19988A Capacitor, 70 MFD, 1/2 HP

Product Price: $22.18
34322A Light Socket 25-34322A Light Socket

34322A Light Socket

Product Price: $6.09
27293A04 Screw, #8-11 X 5/8 26-27293A04 Screw, #8-11 X 5/8

27293A04 Screw, #8-11 X 5/8

Product Price: $0.60
30417A04 Screw, #8 X 3/4 27-30417A04 Screw, #8 X 3/4

30417A04 Screw, #8 X 3/4

Product Price: $0.58
24173D04 31-24173D04 Screw, #10-24 X 1/2

24173D04 Screw, #10-24 X 1/2

Product Price: $0.58
33002A Top Gear Housing 32-33002A Top Gear Housing

33002A Top Gear Housing

Product Price: $8.28
33223A Drive Shaft Bushing 33-33223A Drive Shaft Bushing

33223A Drive Shaft Bushing

Product Price: $0.92

27089A Drive Shaft Washer 34-27089A Drive Shaft Washer

27089A Drive Shaft Washer

Product Price: $0.82
27091A Limit Switch Gear 35-27091A Limit Switch Gear

27091A Limit Switch Gear

Product Price: $2.47
27092A Limit Worm Drive 36-27092A Limit Worm Drive

27092A Limit Worm Drive

Product Price: $2.10
27082A Middle Gear Housing 37-27082A Middle Gear Housing

27082A Middle Gear Housing

Product Price: $9.91
27098A03 Drive Shaft 38-27098A03 Drive Shaft

27098A03 Drive Shaft

Product Price: $21.21
24311B17 39-24311B17 Retaining Ring

24311B17 Retaining Ring

Product Price: $0.58
27096A Drive Gear 40-27096A Drive Gear for Genie

27096A Drive Gear

Product Price: $8.81
27081A Bottom Gear Housing 41-27081A Bottom Gear Housing

27081A Bottom Gear Housing

Product Price: $7.72
27255B04 Screw, #8-16 X 3-3/8 42-27255B04 Screw, #8-16 X 3-3/8

27255B04 Screw, #8-16 X 3-3/8

Product Price: $0.58
33221A Motor Bushing 43-33221A Motor Bushing

33221A Motor Bushing

Product Price: $1.14
27087A Motor Thrust Washer 44-27087A Motor Thrust Washer

27087A Motor Thrust Washer

Product Price: $1.04
27090A Drive Worm Gear 45-27090A Drive Worm Gear

27090A Drive Worm Gear

Product Price: $1.44
27251A Poly Thrust Washer 46-27251A Poly Thrust Washer

27251A Poly Thrust Washer

Product Price: $1.04
27250A30 Screw, #8-18 X 3/8 48-27250A30 Screw, #8-18 X 1/2

27250A30 Screw, #8-18 X 3/8

Product Price: $0.56
32987A Optical Interrupt Wheel 50-32987A Optical Interrupt Wheel

32987A Optical Interrupt Wheel

Product Price: $0.58
32930R Motor 1/2 HP 51-32930R Motor 1/2 HP

32930R Motor 1/2 HP

Product Price: $120.73
27665A04 Screw, #6 X 3/8 52-27665A04 Screw, #6 X 3/8

27665A04 Screw, #6 X 3/8

Product Price: $0.58
Aladdin Connect Aladdin Connect

Smart Phone Remote Access Control System with easy installation and set-up
Compatible with most residential garage door openers
(See our Opener Compatibility list)
Some doors require adapter 38013R sold separately
see part number 39279R for extra door sensors

Product Price: $121.21
Aladdin Connect extra sensor Aladdin Connect extra door sensor

Aladdin Connect Extra Door Sensor

One Aladdin Connect Door Control Module controls up to three doors while one Door Position Sensor is needed per door
(one module and sensor come standard with kit)

Product Price: $35.28