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Elite EL25 parts phone entry system Parts
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2B704  14-Pin Cable 14-Pin Cable 2B704

2B704  14-Pin Cable

Product Price: $20.51

2B705  20-Pin Cable 20-Pin Cable 2B705

2B705  20-Pin Cable

Product Price: $27.56
sn1600341-k Bypass Board Sentex Crown Jewell

Bypass Board This is the bypass board for use with crown jewell phones to bypass the system and allow the house phones to work if there is a problem with the wiring or system.

Product Price: $25.55

101A159-2 Call Button Activator, Mist Grey 101A159-2

101A159-2  Call Button Activator, Mist Grey

Product Price: $19.80
101A159-1 Call Button Activator, Nickel 101A159-1

101A159-1  Call Button Activator, Nickel

Product Price: $19.80
101A159 Call Button Activator, Silver 101A159

101A159  Call Button Activator, Silver

Product Price: $19.80
2B731  Call Button Board Call Button Board 2B731

2B731  Call Button Board

Product Price: $26.80
158A94 Call Button E-Ring 158A0094

158A94  Call Button E-Ring

Product Price: $0.92
177A166 Call Button Spring 177A0166

177A166  Call Button Spring

Product Price: $0.99
108B81 Camera Lens, Black 108B81

108B81  Camera Lens, Black

Product Price: $8.12
108B81-1 Camera Lens, Clear 108B81-1

108B81-1  Camera Lens, Clear

Product Price: $46.53
2B747  Direct Connect Cable Direct Connect Cable 2B747

2B747  Direct Connect Cable

Product Price: $17.95

Elite camera kit EL25DVRCAMKT EL25 Elite Color Camera Kit

Elite camera kit EL25DVRCAMKT

List Price: $476.00
Product Price: $346.64
Elite camera kit EL25CCAMKT EL25 Elite Color Camera Kit

Elite camera kit EL25CCAMKT

Product Price: $412.73
rfmodkt3 Elite EL-25 Receiver board and antenna

Receiver kit 315 mhz allows passport remotes to be programmed into EL-25 phone you can track useage,add and delete remotes through the programming Elite EL-25 Programming Instructions (click here)

List Price: $132.00
Product Price: $92.66
84B81-1  Gasket Gasket 84B81-1

84B81-1  Gasket

Product Price: $5.08
2B736  Input Board Input Board 2B736 [041B0736]

2B736  Input Board

Product Price: $53.49

elite phone key Key (1) EL25KEY [41B12]

EL25KEY  Key (1)

Product Price: $29.95

180D236 Keypad 180D236 [041D0236]

180D236  Keypad

List Price: $125.71
Product Price: $73.81

84C87  Keypad Gasket Keypad Gasket 84C87

84C87  Keypad Gasket

Product Price: $15.64
2B721  LED Assembly LED Assembly 2B721

2B721  LED Assembly

Product Price: $49.10
2B809  Lock and Keys Lock and Keys 2B809

2B809  Lock and Keys

Product Price: $75.82
2B735  Main Board Main Board 2B735 [41B0735]

2B735  Main Board

Product Price: $578.58

2B692  Microphone Assembly Microphone Assembly 2B692

2B692  Microphone Assembly

Product Price: $29.64
93D341-2 Mist Grey Cover 93D341-2

93D341-2  Mist Grey Cover

Product Price: $214.00
2C607-2  Mist Grey Mounting Plate Mist Grey Mounting Plate 2C607-2

2C607-2  Mist Grey Mounting Plate

Product Price: $134.33
93D341-1 Nickel Cover 93D341-1

93D341-1  Nickel Cover

Product Price: $214.00
2C607-1  Nickel Mounting Plate Nickel Mounting Plate 2C607-1

2C607-1  Nickel Mounting Plate

Product Price: $134.33
2B737  Output Board Output Board 2B737

2B737  Output Board

Product Price: $133.73
93D341 Silver Cover 93D341

93D341  Silver Cover

Product Price: $214.00
2C607  Silver Mounting Plate Silver Mounting Plate 2C607

2C607  Silver Mounting Plate

Product Price: $134.33

VERSAXS10 Software and Manual VERSAXS10

VERSAXS10  Software and Manual

Product Price: $39.84
2B639  Speaker Speaker 2B639

2B639  Speaker

Product Price: $28.08

SNRTRAN5 transformer Sentex 12 vac 50VA plug in

Transformer12 VAC 50 VA Plug in
(Transformer is now Calif Energy compliant 16 volt version which is direct replacement)

Product Price: $37.27