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Sentex & Elite Phone System Parts
> Elite EL25 parts
Elite EL25 parts phone entry system Parts
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14-Pin Cable 2B704
Product Price: $19.72

2B704  14-Pin Cable
2B704  14-Pin Cable
20-Pin Cable 2B705
Product Price: $26.50
2B705  20-Pin Cable
2B705  20-Pin Cable
Bypass Board Sentex Crown Jewell
Product Price: $24.57

Bypass Board This is the bypass board for use with crown jewell phones to bypass the system and allow the house phones to work if there is a problem with the wiring or system.
Call Button Activator, Mist Grey 101A159-2
Product Price: $19.04
101A159-2  Call Button Activator, Mist Grey
Call Button Activator, Nickel 101A159-1
Product Price: $19.04
101A159-1  Call Button Activator, Nickel
Call Button Activator, Silver 101A159
Product Price: $19.04
101A159  Call Button Activator, Silver
Call Button Board 2B731
Product Price: $24.84
2B731  Call Button Board
2B731  Call Button Board
Call Button E-Ring 158A0094
Product Price: $0.88
158A94  Call Button E-Ring
Call Button Spring 177A0166
Product Price: $0.95
177A166  Call Button Spring
Camera Lens, Black 108B81
Product Price: $7.81
108B81  Camera Lens, Black
Camera Lens, Clear 108B81-1
Product Price: $44.74
108B81-1  Camera Lens, Clear
Direct Connect Cable 2B747
Product Price: $17.26

2B747  Direct Connect Cable
2B747  Direct Connect Cable
EL25 Elite Color Camera Kit
Elite camera kit EL25DVRCAMKT
Elite camera kit EL25DVRCAMKT
EL25 Elite Color Camera Kit
Product Price: $396.86
Elite camera kit EL25CCAMKT
Elite camera kit EL25CCAMKT
Elite EL-25 Receiver board and antenna
Receiver kit 315 mhz allows passport remotes to be programmed into EL-25 phone you can track useage,add and delete remotes through the programming Elite EL-25 Programming Instructions (click here)
Gasket 84B81-1
Product Price: $4.88
84B81-1  Gasket
84B81-1  Gasket
Input Board 2B736
Product Price: $49.60

2B736  Input Board
2B736  Input Board
Key (1) EL25KEY [41B12]
Product Price: $28.80
elite phone key
EL25KEY  Key (1)
Keypad 180D236 [041D0236]
180D236  Keypad
Keypad Gasket 84C87
Product Price: $15.04
84C87  Keypad Gasket
84C87  Keypad Gasket
LED Assembly 2B721
Product Price: $45.52
2B721  LED Assembly
2B721  LED Assembly
Lock and Keys 2B809
Product Price: $72.90
2B809  Lock and Keys
2B809  Lock and Keys
Main Board 2B735
Product Price: $556.33

2B735  Main Board
2B735  Main Board
Microphone Assembly 2B692
Product Price: $27.49
2B692  Microphone Assembly
2B692  Microphone Assembly
Mist Grey Cover 93D341-2
93D341-2  Mist Grey Cover
Mist Grey Mounting Plate 2C607-2
Product Price: $129.16
2C607-2  Mist Grey Mounting Plate
2C607-2  Mist Grey Mounting Plate
Nickel Cover 93D341-1
93D341-1  Nickel Cover
Nickel Mounting Plate 2C607-1
Product Price: $129.16
2C607-1  Nickel Mounting Plate
2C607-1  Nickel Mounting Plate
Output Board 2B737
Product Price: $123.99
2B737  Output Board
2B737  Output Board
Silver Cover 93D341
93D341  Silver Cover
Silver Mounting Plate 2C607
Product Price: $129.16

2C607  Silver Mounting Plate
2C607  Silver Mounting Plate
Software and Manual VERSAXS10
Product Price: $38.31
VERSAXS10  Software and Manual
Speaker 2B639
Product Price: $26.04

2B639  Speaker
2B639  Speaker
transformer Sentex 12 vac 50VA plug in
Product Price: $35.84

Transformer12 VAC 50 VA Plug in
(Transformer is now Calif Energy compliant 16 volt version which is direct replacement)