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SNREIDFS   Enclosure, Hands-free, Surface Mount SNREIDFS
SNREILFS   Enclosure, Hands-free, Surface Mount SNREILFS
SNREISFS   Enclosure, Hands-free, Surface Mount SNREISFS
SNREIMFS   Enclosure, Hands-free, Surface Mount, w/o Lighted Keypad SNREIMFS
SNREIB   Enclosure, Indoor SNREIB
SNREAKN   Enclosure, Narrow Band SNREAKN
SNRECCSAN   Enclosure, Narrow Band SNRECCSAN
SNREIBSB   Enclosure, Outdoor SNREIBSB
SNREHMFS   Enclosure, Surface Mount SNREHMFS
41B998   Entry LED Board 41B998
ERGW   ERGW end roller gear wheel only
ERRB485   ERRB485 Elite radio receiver with locked housing
lm21xp   Extended Performance Release device
T035   External Box Assembly (LC) T035
T034   External Box Assembly (VF) T034
T002   External Keypad T002
T102   External Keypad T102
T137SPT   External Keypad Light Assembly T137SPT
20-1050-1T   F 20-1050-1T Motor, 115/230V TEFC, 1PH, 1/2HP
20-1075-1T   F 20-1075-1T Motor, 115/230V TEFC, 1PH, 3/4HP
20-1100-1T   F 20-1100-1T Motor, 115/230V TEFC, 1PH, 1HP
20-3050-1T   F 20-3050-1T Motor, 230/460V TEFC, 3PH, 1/2HP
20-3050B-5T   F 20-3050B-5T Motor, 575V TEFC, 3PH, 1/2HP
20-3075B-4T   F 20-3075B-4T Motor, 230/460V TEFC, 3PH, 3/4HP
20-3100-5T   F 20-3100-5T Motor, 575V TEFC, 3PH, 1HP
20-3100B-4T   F 20-3100B-4T Motor, 230/460V TEFC, 3PH, 1HP
20-3100M-5T_A   F 20-3100M-5T Motor, 575V TEFC, 3PH, 3/4HP
K74-40065_B   F K74-40065 External Resistor Service Kit
K74-40141   F K74-40141 Operator Cover Service Kit
100174   F 190-100174
100512_B   F 190-100512
106265_A   F 190-106265
106294   F 190-106294
2631   FAAC 2631 Positive Stop for 412
Faac-455D-115-Vac-   FAAC 400 Control Board
Faac 400   FAAC 400 Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator
Faac 400 arm only   FAAC 400 secondary arm only
104202125   FAAC 400EG arm only (extended geometry)
10420212-s   FAAC 400EG extended geometry Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator system
S450H   FAAC 450 Low Voltage Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator
490043   FAAC 490043 Positive stop for 400 models CBAC EG
490109   FAAC 490109 Positive stop for 400 models
faac-7228015   faac 7228015 rear fork bracket for FAAC hydraulic operators
736060   FAAC 736060 Cylinder Assembly for 412
FAAC 785163   FAAC 785163 photobeam
401-028-737   FAAC 795163 and 737630 Photobeam Mounting Post and Foundation Plate for Photobeam Set
799358   FAAC 799358 Cylinder collar for 412
RP418ds   FAAC Receiver 418MHZ
FAAC-787741   FAAC Receiver 433 MHZ
snrisffpor   Face plate for Sentex Infinity S Stainless Phone includes antiglare package option snrisffpor
SNRPCFPBP   Faceplate for BF or HID Prox Pro Readers SNRPCFPBP
SNRPCFPL   Faceplate for BF or Prox Readers, Lighted SNRPCFPL
SNRSDDMFP   Faceplate for Directory Module SNRSDDMFP
SNRPCFPWP   Faceplate for Wiegand or ASR500 Readers SNRPCFPWP
SNROVVPFPN   Faceplate Ovation Vandal Proof, Non Studded SNROVVPFPN
SNROVVPFPS   Faceplate Ovation Vandal Proof, Studded SNROVVPFPS
41B1002   Faceplate, Black, No Window 41B1002
SNRCJFPBRF   Faceplate, Brass, Flush Mount SNRCJFPBRF
SNRCJFPBRS   Faceplate, Brass, Surface Mount SNRCJFPBRS
SNRCJFPBCS   Faceplate, Brass, Surface Mount, w/Camera Ready SNRCJFPBCS
SNRCJFPGSRF   Faceplate, Grained Stainless Steel, Flush Mount SNRCJFPGSRF
SNRMKFPGSF   Faceplate, Grained Stainless Steel, Flush Mount SNRMKFPGSF
SN1900252   Faceplate, Grained Stainless Steel, S/M w/Call Button SN1900252
SNRCJFPGSRS   Faceplate, Grained Stainless Steel, Surface Mount SNRCJFPGSRS
SNRMKFPGSS   Faceplate, Grained Stainless Steel, Surface Mount SNRMKFPGSS
41B1003   Faceplate, Gray, No Window 41B1003
SNRISFFPR   Faceplate, Hands-free SNRISFFPR
SNRHHFFPRF   Faceplate, Hands-free, Flush Mount SNRHHFFPRF
SNRSDFFP100F   Faceplate, Hands-free, Flush Mount 100 Board SNRSDFFP100F
SNRSDFFP101F   Faceplate, Hands-free, Flush Mount 101/301 Boards SNRSDFFP101F
SNRHHFFPOF   Faceplate, Hands-free, Flush Mount w/Antiglare Package SNRHHFFPOF
SNRSFFP100F   Faceplate, Hands-free, Flush Mount, 100 Board SNRSFFP100F
SNRSFFP101F   Faceplate, Hands-free, Flush Mount, 101/301 Boards SNRSFFP101F
SNROVFFPS   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface SNROVFFPS
SNRHHFFPR   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface Mount SNRHHFFPR
SNRILFFPRR   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface Mount SNRILFFPRR
SNRSDFFP100S   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface Mount 100 Board SNRSDFFP100S
SNRSDFFP101S   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface Mount 101/301 Boards SNRSDFFP101S
SNRHHFFPO   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface Mount w/Antiglare Package SNRHHFFPO
SNRSFFP100S   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface Mount, 100 Board SNRSFFP100S
SNRSFFP101S   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface Mount, 101/301 Boards SNRSFFP101S
SNRILFFPOR   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface Mount, w/Antiglare Package SNRILFFPOR
SNRILFFPRC   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface Mount, w/Camera Ready SNRILFFPRC
SNRILFFPHR   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface Mount, w/Hooded Package SNRILFFPHR
SNRILFFPHC   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface Mount, w/Hooded Package and Camera SNRILFFPHC
SNROSFPF   Faceplate, Hands-free, Surface/Flush Mount SNROSFPF
SNRIMFFPOR   Faceplate, Hands-free, w/Antiglare Package, w/o Lighted Keypad SNRIMFFPOR **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**
SNRIMFFPR   Faceplate, Hands-free, w/o Lighted Keypad SNRIMFFPR
SNROVSFPS   Faceplate, Handset, Surface SNROVSFPS
SNRIDSFPR   Faceplate, Handset, Surface Mount SNRIDSFPR
SNRPKFPL   Faceplate, Lighted SNRPKFPL
SNRCCFP   Faceplate, Narrow Band or L/C SNRCCFP
41B1004   Faceplate, Nickel, No Window 41B1004
SNRIBFPSB   Faceplate, Outdoor SNRIBFPSB
SNRIBFPSH   Faceplate, Outdoor w/Knockouts SNRIBFPSH
SNRCJFPPSF   Faceplate, Polished Stainless Steel, Flush Mount SNRCJFPPSF
SNRCJFPPSCS   Faceplate, Polished Stainless Steel, S/M w/Camera Ready SNRCJFPPSCS
SNRCJFPPSS   Faceplate, Polished Stainless Steel, Surface Mount SNRCJFPPSS
SNRHMFPR   Faceplate, Surface Mount SNRHMFPR
SNRHMFPO   Faceplate, Surface Mount w/Antiglare Package SNRHMFPO
SNFCCONN   Facility Code Conversion Chip SNFCCONN
1601-093   Fan Kit for 1601 / 1602 / 1603
ACP17   Fire Access Box with Cable Release
AFB120   Fire Access Box with Micro Switch and Knox Key Switch Option
100004   Front idler pulley for allister ard-2 (190-112045)
K74-40031   G K74-40031 Solar Panel Service Kit
K75-40346_A   G K75-40346 Idler Sprocket Service Kit
100174_A   G 190-100174
100512   G 190-100512
109273_A   G 190-109273
G-Lock   G-Lock by EMX 1200 lbs Magnetic Lock
G038024K_B   G038024K Mini Contactor 24V
G193020_A   G193020 Drive Chain #40 20'
G193025   G193025 Drive Chain #50 25'
G193025_A   G193025 Drive Chain #50 25'
G19305   G19305 Drive Chain #50 25'
G19305_A   G19305 Drive Chain #50 25'
G19305_B   G19305 Drive Chain #50 25'
G19305_C   G19305 Drive Chain #50 25'
G7720207   G7720207 Battery Back-up Kit
G7720207_A   G7720207 Battery Back-up Kit
G7720208   G7720208 G7720208 Power Fail Parts Kit
G7720208_A   G7720208 G7720208 Power Fail Parts Kit
GA-1 41ASWG-442SA   GA-1 41ASWG-442SA Release Lever
41ASWG-0594SA   GA-2 41ASWG-0594SA Motor with limit switch harness
GA-3 41ASWG-0014SA   GA-3 41ASWG-0014SA Rear Connector
41ASWG-0597SA   GA-4 41ASWG-0597SA Cable 12v with connector
GT-100A   Garage door automatic closer
gdh   Garage door handle
990LM   Garage Door Opener Surge Protector 990 LM **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**
door-bolt-lock   Garage door slide lock
84B81-1   Gasket 84B81-1
41B1001   Gasket and Display Window, Black 41B1001
41B1000   Gasket and Display Window, Clear 41B1000
GC   Gate Catch
GC824   GC824 Solenoid gate lock 115VAC **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**
41C4220   Gear Kit 41C4220
800-02-06   Gear Reducer size 60, Ratio 30:1 (C-Face) Ramsett Ram 1000,5500
GIC-390   Genie Intelicode receiver GIC-390 (No Longer Available use 36163R)
GPT90-3   Genie 12 switch GPT90-3 Three button (NO longer available use Gm3T)
MAT 90   Genie 12 switch MAT-90 mini keychain
20327r.s   Genie 12 switch receiver GR390-12 (No longer Available)
GWK-BL   Genie 9 or 12 switch wireless keypad GWK-BL (No longer Available)
GD-390   Genie 9 switch GD-390 compatible mini keychain flashlight remote
GLWC-2   Genie Deluxe wall console GLWC-2 35661-R (use 35598R.S)
38416A   Genie drive sprocket 38416A
38501R   Genie G1T-bx
G3T   Genie G3T,37218R
GCT-3   Genie GCT-3 (no longer available use 375 LM)
GICTD-1   Genie GICTD-1 (No Longer Available use GM3T)
Genie git-clip   Genie git visor clip
GITR-3   Genie GITR-3,37517S
GM3T   Genie GM3T,37344R
GPT90-1   Genie GPT90-1 same as GT90-1 (No longer Available Use GM3T)
GICT390-1   Genie Intelicode GICT390-1 (no longer available use GM3T)
GICT390-3   Genie Intelicode GICT390-3 (Replaced by GM3T)
GICT390-4   Genie Intelicode GICT390-4 ( No longer Available use GM3T)
GICTD-3   Genie Intelicode GICTD-3 (Replaced by GM3T)
GIT-1   Genie Intelicode GIT-1 single button (No Longer Available use 375UT)
GIT-2   Genie Intelicode GIT-2, G2T-2 dual button (no longer Available use 375UT)
GIT-3   Genie Intelicode GIT-3 three button ** No longer Available** use GM3T
GR-390M   Genie Intelicode GR390M mini keychain
36163R   Genie Intelicode receiver 36163R dual freq 315-390
GK-BX   Genie Intelicode Wireless keypad GK-BX
GWKP__GK-BX   Genie Intelicode Wireless keypad GWKP (now GK-BX)
GIRUD-1T   Genie upgrade kit includes receiver, remote and transformer
GH1522.5   GH1522.5 Butte Hinges - Light duty sold in pairs
GH1524X4   GH1524X4 Butte Hinges - Standard duty
GLUPSW   GL Board upgrade kit **No longer Available**
GL1200   GL1200 Z bracket for EMX G-lock
PEDS44   Gooseneck post PEDS44
ped42   Gooseneck post ped42 (replaces G559)
GPINLCK   GPINLCK LiftMaster Actuator Lock
GR26S   GR26S: Wiegand 125 kHz Proximity Cards
GRMAG26S   GRMAG26S: Wiegand 125 kHz Proximity and Mag Stripe Cards
GRMAG36S   GRMAG36S: Wiegand 125 kHz Proximity and Mag Stripe Cards
GT30   GT30 Linear/Genie three button remote ACP00743
GT31   GT31 Linear/Genie three button mini remote ACP00870
GT912   GT912 remote **NO LONGER AVAILABLE** (Replaced By GM3T )
347IH   GTO 347IH Bracket 11" Post Push-to-Open(SW2000XL(S)/2500/2550/1500)
A207   GTO A207 Cover, Motor Housing, Polyethylene
AC201   GTO AC201 Wire Harness for Gear Motor
AC202   GTO AC202 Power Cable, 60'
AC203   GTO AC203 Power Cable, 60' w/Battery Harness
AQ153   GTO AQ153 Loaded Control box with AQ251 board for SL1000B,2000B PRO1000, MM700/702
AQ201   GTO AQ201 Receiver Assembly w/Antenna & 10' Cable
AQ201-100-NB   GTO AQ201-100-NB Receiver Assembly w/Antenna & 100' Cable Narrow Band
AQ201-NB   GTO AQ201-NB Narrow Band Receiver - 10' Cable (grey)
AQ202   GTO AQ202 Receiver Assembly 20' Cable
AQ202-NB   GTO AQ202-NB Narrow Band Receiver - 20' Cable (Std w/DC Slide Ops.)
AQ251   GTO AQ251 PC Board, DC Slider - SL1000B/2000B Series (SW-2000), PRO 1000, MM700-702
AW296   GTO AW296 8ft Battery Harness **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**

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