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41B997   Interconnect Board 41B997
08-50850   Interlock Bracket Kit END CAP,CAST,SAFETY INTERLINK (not shown)
IRB-325PT   IRB-325-PT Infrared Photoeye Mounting post
IRB-BX   IRB-BX Enclosure only for Photocell IRB-4X (sold individually)
IRB-HD   IRB-HD Covers only for Photocell IRB-4X (sold as pair)
ISOProx   ISOProx: Wiegand 125 kHz HID Compatible Proximity Cards
K74-40378_A   J K74-40378 Operator Cover Service Kit
106270   J 190-106270
109273_B   J 190-109273
10-10707_D   J1 10-10707 Disconnect Support Bracket
10-10708_A   J2 10-10708 Yoke
10-10709_A   J3 10-10709 Disconnect Lever
11-10710_A   J4 11-10710 Disconnect Shaft
18-10178   J5 18-10178 Tension Spring
j5plug-Q109   J5 harness plug for elite circuit boards Q109
19-8A-12_C   J6 19-8A-12 Sash Chain, 12'
86-CP04-112_B   J7 86-CP04-112 Cotter Pin 1/8x1-3/4" ZP
86-CP05-108_E   J8 86-CP05-108 Cotter Pin 5/32"x1-1/2"
86-RP04-100_A   J9 86-RP04-100 Roll Pin 1/8x1"
JK1HD   JK Series Sub Master Station JK-1HD
100465_A   K 190-100465
101529   K 190-101529
101533_A   K 190-101533
106267   K 190-106267
106267_A   K 190-106267
109273   K 190-109273
K-127A0110B   K-127A0110B K-127A0110B Mega Arm Chip
K-127A0111B   K-127A0111B K-127A0111B Mega Arm Trap Chip
K-127A0112B_B   K-127A0112B K-127A0112B Mega Arm Slide/Swing Chip
K-127A0113B   K-127A0113B K-127A0113B Mega Arm Sprint Chip
K-127A0114B   K-127A0114B K-127A0114B Mega Arm Sprint Trap Chip
K-BMT5011_B   K-BMT5011 K-BMT5011 BMT5011, 115V
K-BMT5025_B   K-BMT5025 K-BMT5025 BMT5025, 230V 50Hz
K-HMJ5011L_B   K-HMJ5011L K-HMJ5011L HMJ5011L, 115V LH
K-HMJ5011L_C   K-HMJ5011L K-HMJ5011L HMJ5011L, 115V LH
K-HMJ5011R_B   K-HMJ5011R K-HMJ5011R HMJ5011R, 115V RH
K-HMJ5025L_B   K-HMJ5025L K-HMJ5025L HMJ5025L, 230V LH
K-HMJ5025R_B   K-HMJ5025R K-HMJ5025R HMJ5025R, 230V RH
K-MGJ5011_A   K-MGJ5011 K-MGJ5011 MGJ5011
K-MGJ5023_A   K-MGJ5023 K-MGJ5023 MGJ5023
K-MGJ5025_A   K-MGJ5025 K-MGJ5025 MGJ5025
K-MGJ5038_A   K-MGJ5038 K-MGJ5038 MGJ5038
K-MGJ5043_A   K-MGJ5043 K-MGJ5043 MGJ5043
K-MH5011R_A   K-MH5011R K-MH5011R MH5011R, 115V RH
K-MH5025L_A   K-MH5025L K-MH5025L MH5025L, 230V LH
K-MH5025R_A   K-MH5025R K-MH5025R MH5025R, 230V RH
K-MJ5011_A   K-MJ5011 K-MJ5011 MJ5011, 115V
K-MJ5025_A   K-MJ5025 K-MJ5025 MJ5025, 230V
K-MT5011_B   K-MT5011 K-MT5011 MT5011, 115V
K-MT5025_B   K-MT5025 K-MT5025 MT5025, 230V 50Hz
K001A5747   K001A5747 Receiver Module - 315 MHz
K001A5747-2   K001A5747-2 390 MHz Receiver Module
K001A6424   K001A6424 KIT SVC Circuit Board-ASY 315MHz 2010
71-AB120   K1 71-AB120 Brake Kit, 115 Volt Models
71-B120_B   K1 71-B120 Brake Kit 115V w/Solenoid
71-B120_C   K1 71-B120 Brake Kit, 115V w/Solenoid
71-B240_B   K1 71-B240 Brake Kit 230-460V w/Solenoid
71-B240_C   K1 71-B240 Brake Kit, 230-460V w/Solenoid
71-B575_B   K1 71-B575 Brake Kit 575V w/Solenoid
71-B575_C   K1 71-B575 Brake Kit 575V w/Solenoid
71-B575_D   K1 71-B575 Brake Kit, 575V w/Solenoid
K72-10047   K1 K72-10047 Limit Shaft Kit
K72-10047-1   K1 K72-10047-1 Limit Shaft Kit (3 Phase)
K72-14130-1   K1 K72-14130-1 Limit Shaft Kit
K72-19975   K1 K72-19975 Clutch Shaft Kit
K72-19979   K1 K72-19979 Clutch Shaft Kit
K72-19982   K1 K72-19982 Clutch Shaft Kit
K72-34818   K1 K72-34818 Limit Shaft Kit
K72-40359   K1 K72-40359 Limit/Drive Shaft Assembly
K75-12567   K1 K75-12567 Disconnect Assembly Kit
K75-12583   K1 K75-12583 Disconnect Assembly Kit
K75-12584   K1 K75-12584 Brake Kit, 115 Volt Models
K75-12585   K1 K75-12585 Brake Kit, 230-460 Volt Models
K75-12586   K1 K75-12586 Brake Kit, 575 Volt Models
K75-16426   K1 K75-16426 RPM Sensor Kit (use 41c4398)
K79-134331   K1 K79-134331 Retro Fit Modification Kit No Longer Available
71-B120_A   K1 71-B120 BRAKE KIT 115Vw/Solenoid
71-B120   K1 71-B120 Brake Kit, 115 Volt Models
71-B240_A   K1 71-B240 BRAKE KIT 230/460v w/Solenoid
71-B240   K1 71-B240 Brake Kit, 230-460 Volt Models
71-B575_A   K1 71-B575 Brake Kit 575V w/Solenoid
71-B575   K1 71-B575 Brake Kit, 575 Volt Models
K17-35661   K1 K17-35661 Pulley Kit
K70-35677   K1 K70-35677 Limit Shaft Kit
K75-40047   K1 K75-40047 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
653509   K10 653509 Optional Diagonal Brace Kit
K74-40378   K10 K74-40378 Operator Cover Service Kit
K10-34758-2   K10-34758-2 Battery Tray
K10-36395   K10-36395 Battery Tray
K79-40056_A   K11 K79-40056 Control Board, Full System k79-104530
K13-36117   K13-36117 Cludge Cover
K15-41B17LKGH   K15-41B17LKGH Output Sprocket
K15-50B18LKGH   K15-50B18LKGH Gear Reducer Sprocket w/set screws & key (1)
K16-GT2-7   K16-GT2-7 Timing Belt, 3M
K17-36530   K17-36530 Gear Reducer Pulley & Motor Pulley
K180A0357   K180A0357 Reset Switch
K19-50038   K19-50038 #50 Drive Chain & Masterlink
K1A6408   K1A6408 APE Assembly w/plastic tray, RPM board w/mounting hardware
K1a6424-2   K1a6424-2
K1A6837   K1A6837 Logic Board - L4
K1C3196-3_A   K1C3196-3 Antenna (109186)
K1D6597-1CC   K1D6597-1CC Main Board w/heat sink
K1D6686CC   K1D6686CC Expansion Board
K1D7545CC   K1D7545CC Liftmaster LA500 control board
K29-CDO-270   K2 K29-CDO-270 Chip Replacement Kit
K72-12515-1   K2 K72-12515-1 Limit Switch Kit
K72-13057   K2 K72-13057 Clutch Shaft Kit
K72-16422   K2 K72-16422 Output Shaft Kit
K72-19974   K2 K72-19974 Output Shaft Kit
K72-19974_B   K2 K72-19974 Output Shaft Kit
K74-40084_A   K2 K74-40084 Bridge Rectifier Assembly
K75-18618   K2 K75-18618 Disconnect Kit
K70-35678-1   K2 K70-35678-1 Sprocket Kit
K74-40084   K2 K74-40084 Bridge Rectifier Assembly
K75-10177   K2 K75-10177 Brake Hub Kit
K75-34824   K2 K75-34824 Chain Guard Kit
K76-34740   K2 K76-34740 Learn Limit Assembly Kit
K20-1050B-2LP   K20-1050B-2LP Motor 1/2HP 115v/230v 1P 60Hz
K20-1050C-2LP   K20-1050C-2LP motor 1/2HP,115V/230V,1PH,C-FACE
K204C0211   K204C0211 Toroid Transformer
K23-51142   K23-51142 reset switch
K72-12789   K3 K72-12789 Hand Chain Shaft Kit (1/2-2HP)
K72-12859   K3 K72-12859 Drive Shaft Kit
K72-13059   K3 K72-13059 Output Shaft Kit
K72-16421   K3 K72-16421 Limit Shaft Kit
K75-14661   K3 K75-14661 Hand Chain Shaft Kit (3 HP)
K75-30349   K3 K75-30349 Gear Box with Sprocket Service Kit
K75-34828_A   K3 K75-34828 Idler Shaft Kit
K72-12506   K3 K72-12506 Clutch Shaft Kit (1/3 & 1/2 HP)
K72-12507   K3 K72-12507 Clutch Shaft Kit (3/4 & 1 HP)
K74-40045   K3 K74-40045
K75-34828   K3 K75-34828 Idler Shaft Kit
K76-35321   K3 K76-35321 Learn Limit Assembly Kit
K94-35658_A   K3 K94-35658 Wiring Harness Kit
K32-34655-1   K32-34655-1 Gear Box (top)
K32-34669-1   K32-34669-1 Gear Reducer
K32-35814   K32-35814 Gear Reducer (bottom)
K74-16420   K4 K74-16420 Limit Switch Kit
K74-40386   K4 K74-40386 Limit Switch Service Kit
K75-13074   K4 K75-13074 Door Arm Kit
K75-18620   K4 K75-18620 Limit Box Kit
K75-30737   K4 K75-30737 Disconnect Kit
K75-34824_A   K4 K75-34824 Chain Guard Kit
K72-12508   K4 K72-12508 Output Shaft Kit (1/3 & 1/2 HP)
K72-12509   K4 K72-12509 Output Shaft Kit (3/4 & 1 HP)
K74-40065   K4 K74-40065
K75-34842   K4 K75-34842 Cover Kit
K75-34842_A   K4 K75-34842 Cover Kit
K94-35658   K4 K94-35658 Wiring Harness Kit
K72-13058   K5 K72-13058 Intermediate Shaft Kit
K72-18615   K5 K72-18615 Drive Shaft Kit
K72-18989   K5 K72-18989 Idler Shaft Kit
K74-40045_A   K5 K74-40045 Control Board Guard/Standoff Kit
K75-12829   K5 K75-12829 Gear Housing Kit (1HP, 115 Volts)
K75-12830   K5 K75-12830 Gear Housing Kit (1HP, 230-460 Volts)
K75-12831   K5 K75-12831 Gear Housing Kit (1HP, 575 Volts)
K75-12832   K5 K75-12832 Gear Housing Kit (1.5-2HP, 230-460 Volts)
K75-12833   K5 K75-12833 Gear Housing Kit (1.5-2HP,575 Volts)
K75-16423   K5 K75-16423 Disconnect Kit
K75-34842_B   K5 K75-34842 Cover Kit
K29-32410   K5 K29-32410 Alarm Kit
K75-40068   K5 K75-40068
K50-18423   K50-18423 Replacement Heater With Thermostat Only
K50-18423_A   K50-18423 Replacement Heater With Thermostat Only
K52C0481   K52C0481 Bridge Rectifier
K29-32410_B   K6 K29-32410 Alarm Kit
K72-16425   K6 K72-16425 Reduction Shaft Kit
K74-40065_A   K6 K74-40065 External Resistor Service Kit
K75-34790   K6 K75-34790 Disconnect Kit
K75-19977   K6 K75-19977 Disconnect Kit
K75-18493_B   K7 K75-18493 Chain Guide Kit
K75-34791   K7 K75-34791 Clutch Kit
K75-40346   K7 K75-40346 Idler Sprocket Service Kit
K72-34844   K7 K72-34844
K74-40032   K7 K74-40032
K72-12418   K72-12418 GT Limit Shaft Kit
K72-12471   K72-12471 Clutch Shaft Kit
K72-12472   K72-12472 Output Shaft Kit
k72-12487   k72-12487 Limit Shaft Kit for models F, MT, BMT & MJ
K72-12510   K72-12510 Limit Shaft Kit
K72-12511   K72-12511 Limit Switch Kit
K72-12531   K72-12531 Clutch Shaft Assembly Kit
K72-12532   K72-12532 Output Shaft Kit
K72-12556   K72-12556 Clutch Shaft Assembly Kit
K72-12557   K72-12557 Output Shaft Kit
K72-12558   K72-12558 Right Hand Disconnect Assembly Kit
K72-12560   K72-12560 Left Hand Disconnect Assembly Kit
K72-12563   K72-12563 Clutch Shaft Assembly Kit
K72-12564   K72-12564 Output Shaft Kit
K72-12565   K72-12565 Limit Shaft Kit
k72-12581   k72-12581 Limit Shaft Assy for LG
K72-12582   K72-12582 Limit Switch Kit
K72-12589   K72-12589 Clutch Shaft Kit
K72-12590   K72-12590 Clutch Shaft Kit
K72-12591   K72-12591 Clutch Shaft Kit
K72-12592   K72-12592 Output Shaft Kit
K72-13912   K72-13912 T & GH Limit Shaft Kit
K72-14130   K72-14130 H & J Limit Shaft Kit
K72-18345   K72-18345 Limit Switch Kit
k72-33889   k72-33889 KIT SVC CLUTCH SHAFT ASY MJ

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