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HAE00061   HAE00061
76-G0541   Hall effect Sensor SW490 (k74-18382)
snahhp   handheld programmer HHDEK
SNRHS29   Handset 29" SNRHS29 **No longer available, use SNRHS42**
SNRHS42   Handset 42" SNRHS42 [SN1650059]
SNRHANG   Handset Hanger SNRHANG
DKML-HP   Hardware Kit for Armature Plates
ddh   Harley Davidson Dealer Dot Holder
hawk2   hawk2
43-hbt7c   hbt7c belt drive rail assembly for 7' door
HC500P   HC500P: Secured Series Hub Plus Control Module
42-hct7c   hct7c chain drive rail assembly for 7' door
42-hct8c   hct8c chain drive rail assembly for 8' door
1601-195   Heater 115 VAC
1601-197   Heater 208/230 VAC
9200-135   Heavy Duty Mounting Pedestal
Loop Sealer   Henry's 305 Asphalt Loop Sealer
SN1150119   HFB for 99/100 Boards SN1150119
CSW24V   High-Traffic Commercial DC Swing Gate Operator with Battery Backup CSW24V
SNRAPLUGL   Hole Plug for Pro w/Lighted Keypad SNRAPLUGL
SNRPAPLUGL   Hole Plug for Pro w/Lighted Keypad SNRPAPLUGL
58-123401   Homelink 58-123401
Can use Homelink mirrors
HD73   Honeywell HD73 Performance Series IR Indoor/Outdoor Mini-Domes
iPCAM-KT   Honeywell iPCAM-KT
SNRHPIL   Hooded Package for Infinity L SNRHPIL [SN1650226]
IRB-325HD   Hoods for IRB-325
1819-100   Housing box only for Doorking 1819
SNRHCJ3   Housing for CJ3 black box No Longer Available
snrhcj3cm   Housing Sentex Crown Jewel surface mount camera ready snrhcj3cm
41B991   Housing, Black 41B991
SNRHMKF   Housing, Black, Flush Mount SNRHMKF
SNRHMKS   Housing, Black, Surface Mount SNRHMKS
SNRHCJ1B   Housing, Brass, Surface Mount SNRHCJ1B
SNRHCJ1CM   Housing, Brass, Surface Mount w/Camera Ready SNRHCJ1CM
SNRHHHF   Housing, Flush Mount SNRHHHF
SNRHOSF   Housing, Flush Mount SNRHOSF
SNRHSD101F   Housing, Flush Mount 101/301 Boards SNRHSD101F
SNRHS100F   Housing, Flush Mount, 100 Board SNRHS100F
SNRHS101F   Housing, Flush Mount, 101/301 Boards SNRHS101F
SNRHCJF   Housing, Grained Stainless Steel, Flush Mount SNRHCJF
41B992   Housing, Gray 41B992
SNRHPL   Housing, Lighted SNRHPL
SN1650318   Housing, Lighted Keypad, Stainless Steel SN1650318
SN1650318-1S   Housing, Lighted Keypad, Stainless Steel SN1650318-1S
SNRHCCN   Housing, Narrow Band SNRHCCN
41B993   Housing, Nickel 41B993
SNRHIM   Housing, Non Lighted Keypad SNRHIM
SNRHIMS   Housing, Non Lighted Keypad, Stainless Steel SNRHIMS
SNRHIB   Housing, Outdoor SNRHIB
SNRHCJ1S   Housing, Polished Stainless Steel, Surface Mount SNRHCJ1S
SNRHIBS   Housing, Stainless Steel SNRHIBS
SNRHIDS   Housing, Stainless Steel SNRHIDS
SNRHILS   Housing, Stainless Steel SNRHILS
SNRHISS   Housing, Stainless Steel SNRHISS
SNRHHH   Housing, Surface Mount SNRHHH
SNRHOS   Housing, Surface Mount SNRHOS
SNRHOV   Housing, Surface Mount SNRHOV
SNRHSD100   Housing, Surface Mount 100 Board SNRHSD100
SNRHSD101   Housing, Surface Mount 101/301 Boards SNRHSD101 **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**
SNRHS101   Housing, Surface Mount, 101/301 Boards SNRHS101
SNRHHHS   Housing, Surface Mount, Stainless Steel SNRHHHS
SNRHSD101S   Housing, Surface Mount, Stainless Steel for 101 Board SNRHSD101S **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**
SNRHS101S   Housing, Surface Mount, Stainless Steel, 101/301 Boards SNRHS101S
SNRHCJ1SCM   Housing, w/Hinge SNRHCJ1SCM
HTRKITCSL   HTRKITCSL Self-Regulating Heater Coil
HTRKITRSL   HTRKITRSL Self-Regulating Heater Coil
HTRKITRSW   HTRKITRSW Self-Regulating Heater Coil
csw hub lock   Hub lock for CSW 200
Hub-Max-II-Module   Hub Max II Module: Secured Series II Door Control Module (DCM)
Hub-MiniMax-II   Hub MiniMax II: Secured Series MiniMax II Single Door Control Standard Version
HubMax-II   HubMax II: Secured Series Hub Max II Access Control System
855   Hydraulic door closer heavy duty 855
852   Hydraulic door closer light duty 852
853   Hydraulic door closer medium duty 853
K75-40132   I K75-40132 Primary and Secondary Arm Service Kit
K75-40403_A   I K75-40403 Reduction Sprocket Service Kit
100747   I 190-100747
105929   I 190-105929
178B35   i-01-178B35 Curved Door Arm
41A5047-1   i-02-41A5047-1 Door Bracket w/Clevis Pin and Fastener
41A2828   i-03-41A2828 Emergency Release Rope and Handle
41A5047-2   i-04-41A5047-2 Header Bracket w/Clevis Pin and Fastener
29B137   i-05-29B137 Remote Control Visor Clip
41A5266-1   i-06-41A5266-1 Safety Sensor Bracket
41A5034_A   i-07-41A5034 Safety Sensor Kit
178B34   i-08-178B34 Straight Door Arm
10A19_A   i-10-10A19 3V2016 Lithium Battery
10A20_A   i-10-10A20 3V2032 Lithium Battery
41A4353-1   i-41A4353-1 Header bracket - black (used on belt drive units)
T180   Icon Display HT w/Control Board T180
T106   Icon Display Window Assembly T106
T150   Icon Fan (Non-Surge) T150
T150SPT   Icon Fan (Surge Protection Terminal) T150SPT
T140   Icon GLCD Metal Keypad T140
T135   Icon Housing and stainless steel faceplate T135
T160   Icon Surge Protection Board T160
212w   IEI 212w Keypad
ikey 002   iKey secure remote control entry system
image_test   Image_test
IRB-EXP   Infrared Explosive Environment Photoswitch IRB-EXP
PC-3   Infrared Modulated PC-3
IRB-4X   Infrared Modulated Photocell IRB-4X
IRB-325   Infrared Photocell IRB-325
2B736   Input Board 2B736
prox.pad-plus   Integrated Proximity Reader and Controller with Keypad
41B997   Interconnect Board 41B997
08-50850   Interlock Bracket Kit END CAP,CAST,SAFETY INTERLINK (not shown)
IG2-K10-E50   Invisi-Guard-2 Through Beam Photo Optic System
IPAC   IPAC (Internet Protocol Access Control)
IRB-325PT   IRB-325-PT Infrared Photoeye Mounting post
IRB-BX   IRB-BX Enclosure only for Photocell IRB-4X (sold individually)
IRB-HD   IRB-HD Covers only for Photocell IRB-4X (sold as pair)
IRB-MON   IRB-MON Universal 2016 UL325 Photoeye
ISOProx   ISOProx: Wiegand 125 kHz HID Compatible Proximity Cards
K74-40378_A   J K74-40378 Operator Cover Service Kit
106270   J 190-106270
109273_B   J 190-109273
10-10707_D   J1 10-10707 Disconnect Support Bracket
10-10708_A   J2 10-10708 Yoke
10-10709_A   J3 10-10709 Disconnect Lever
11-10710_A   J4 11-10710 Disconnect Shaft
18-10178   J5 18-10178 Tension Spring
j5plug-Q109   J5 harness plug for elite circuit boards Q109 **No Longer Available**
19-8A-12_C   J6 19-8A-12 Sash Chain, 12'
86-CP04-112_B   J7 86-CP04-112 Cotter Pin 1/8x1-3/4" ZP
86-CP05-108_E   J8 86-CP05-108 Cotter Pin 5/32"x1-1/2"
86-RP04-100_A   J9 86-RP04-100 Roll Pin 1/8x1"
JK1HD   JK Series Sub Master Station JK-1HD
100465_A   K 190-100465
101529   K 190-101529
101533_A   K 190-101533
106267   K 190-106267
106267_A   K 190-106267
109273   K 190-109273
K-127A0110B   K-127A0110B K-127A0110B Mega Arm Chip
K-127A0111B   K-127A0111B K-127A0111B Mega Arm Trap Chip
K-127A0112B_B   K-127A0112B K-127A0112B Mega Arm Slide/Swing Chip
K-127A0113B   K-127A0113B K-127A0113B Mega Arm Sprint Chip
K-127A0114B   K-127A0114B K-127A0114B Mega Arm Sprint Trap Chip
K-BMT5011_B   K-BMT5011 K-BMT5011 BMT5011, 115V
K-BMT5025_B   K-BMT5025 K-BMT5025 BMT5025, 230V 50Hz
K-HMJ5011L_B   K-HMJ5011L K-HMJ5011L HMJ5011L, 115V LH
K-HMJ5011L_C   K-HMJ5011L K-HMJ5011L HMJ5011L, 115V LH
K-HMJ5011R_B   K-HMJ5011R K-HMJ5011R HMJ5011R, 115V RH
K-HMJ5025L_B   K-HMJ5025L K-HMJ5025L HMJ5025L, 230V LH
K-HMJ5025R_B   K-HMJ5025R K-HMJ5025R HMJ5025R, 230V RH
K-MGJ5011_A   K-MGJ5011 K-MGJ5011 MGJ5011
K-MGJ5023_A   K-MGJ5023 K-MGJ5023 MGJ5023
K-MGJ5025_A   K-MGJ5025 K-MGJ5025 MGJ5025
K-MGJ5038_A   K-MGJ5038 K-MGJ5038 MGJ5038
K-MGJ5043_A   K-MGJ5043 K-MGJ5043 MGJ5043
K-MH5011R_A   K-MH5011R K-MH5011R MH5011R, 115V RH
K-MH5025L_A   K-MH5025L K-MH5025L MH5025L, 230V LH
K-MH5025R_A   K-MH5025R K-MH5025R MH5025R, 230V RH
K-MJ5011_A   K-MJ5011 K-MJ5011 MJ5011, 115V
K-MJ5025_A   K-MJ5025 K-MJ5025 MJ5025, 230V
K-MT5011_B   K-MT5011 K-MT5011 MT5011, 115V
K-MT5025_B   K-MT5025 K-MT5025 MT5025, 230V 50Hz
K001A5747   K001A5747 Receiver Module - 315 MHz
K001A5747-2   K001A5747-2 390 MHz Receiver Module
K001A6424   K001A6424 KIT SVC Circuit Board-ASY 315MHz 2010
71-AB120   K1 71-AB120 Brake Kit, 115 Volt Models
71-B120_B   K1 71-B120 Brake Kit 115V w/Solenoid
71-B120_C   K1 71-B120 Brake Kit, 115V w/Solenoid
71-B240_B   K1 71-B240 Brake Kit 230-460V w/Solenoid
71-B240_C   K1 71-B240 Brake Kit, 230-460V w/Solenoid
71-B575_B   K1 71-B575 Brake Kit 575V w/Solenoid
71-B575_C   K1 71-B575 Brake Kit 575V w/Solenoid
71-B575_D   K1 71-B575 Brake Kit, 575V w/Solenoid
K72-10047   K1 K72-10047 Limit Shaft Kit
K72-10047-1   K1 K72-10047-1 Limit Shaft Kit (3 Phase)
K72-14130-1   K1 K72-14130-1 Limit Shaft Kit
K72-19975   K1 K72-19975 Clutch Shaft Kit
K72-19979   K1 K72-19979 Clutch Shaft Kit
K72-19982   K1 K72-19982 Clutch Shaft Kit
K72-34818   K1 K72-34818 Limit Shaft Kit
K72-40359   K1 K72-40359 Limit/Drive Shaft Assembly
K75-12567   K1 K75-12567 Disconnect Assembly Kit
K75-12583   K1 K75-12583 Disconnect Assembly Kit
K75-12584   K1 K75-12584 Brake Kit, 115 Volt Models
K75-12585   K1 K75-12585 Brake Kit, 230-460 Volt Models
K75-12586   K1 K75-12586 Brake Kit, 575 Volt Models
K75-16426   K1 K75-16426 RPM Sensor Kit (use 41c4398)
K79-134331   K1 K79-134331 Retro Fit Modification Kit **NO LONGER AVAILABLE**
71-B120_A   K1 71-B120 BRAKE KIT 115Vw/Solenoid
71-B120   K1 71-B120 Brake Kit, 115 Volt Models
71-B240_A   K1 71-B240 BRAKE KIT 230/460v w/Solenoid
71-B240   K1 71-B240 Brake Kit, 230-460 Volt Models
71-B575_A   K1 71-B575 Brake Kit 575V w/Solenoid
71-B575   K1 71-B575 Brake Kit, 575 Volt Models
K17-35661   K1 K17-35661 Pulley Kit
K70-35677   K1 K70-35677 Limit Shaft Kit
K75-40047   K1 K75-40047 (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
653509   K10 653509 Optional Diagonal Brace Kit
K74-40378   K10 K74-40378 Operator Cover Service Kit
K10-34758-2   K10-34758-2 Battery Tray

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